NEW Delhi Will Be Justified in Hailing Sheikh Hasina’s Return To Power In Dhaka

SHEIKH Hasina Wazed led alliance after securing landslide victory in 11th parliamentary elections has come back to power for the fourth successive term in Bangladesh  gladdening  democratic  people amidst accusation  of  malpractices  to win poll by her  diehard critics. Opposition members boycotted the swearing-in ceremony held on January 3 after rejecting results of a general election that they said was rigged to give Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina her fourth term. Sheikh Hasina led alliance has won more than 90 percent of the seats contested in the December 31 polls marred by accusations of ballot stuffing, voter intimidation and violence that killed at least 17 people. Bangladesh Election Commission has outrightly rejected demand for fresh poll as PM Hasina and the ruling Awami League also rubbished the allegations. A total of 291 newly elected members of parliament, including Sheikh Hasina took the oath while the seven opposition members stayed away. Under the Bangladesh Constitution, they must take oath within three months since they were declared elected or forfeit their seats. Hasina’s ruling party and its allies have won 288 of the 300 parliamentary seats contested surpassing its previous election wins. In Jatiya Sangsad 50 seats are reserved for women and the elected MPs are mandated to elect them. It is needless to add these 50 reserved seats will also go the kitty of the ruling dispensation. The opposition led alliance headed by former PM Begum Khaleda Zia’s Bangladesh National Party has cut a sorry figure as it has been reduced to almost nonentity.1947 born Sheikh Hasina ,born in 1947, daughter of Bangladesh’s first President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was assassinated by fundamentalists, had  launched political career  four decades ago. Polls were held on the back of a decade of impressive GDP growth and booming garment exports. Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest exporter of garments in the world after China. She has ensured payment of minimum wages to workers. BNP says “We reject the farcical election and want the election commission to hold a fresh election under a non-partisan administration,” said Kamal Hossain, an 82-year-old jurist who wrote the country’s secular constitution.  She has been applauded internationally for hosting nearly one million Rohingya refugees, mostly Muslims, who took shelter in Bangladesh after fleeing a brutal military offensive in neighbouring Myanmar. But critics have accused Hasina of authoritarianism and crippling the opposition. Her bitter political rival and leader of the BNP, Khaleda Zia, 73,reportedly  partially paralysed , is serving a 17-year jail term for corruption  during her regime.  India has  rightly hailed her return to power as she from the day one in her office has not only reiterated that her country will not be allowed by anybody for subversive activities against India having   2,582 miles of international border with Bangladesh but has also handed over the masterminds of insurgency to New Delhi. India has as of now most peaceful IB with Bangladesh and Myanmar. India  has succeed in removing  misconceptions  prevailing  Dhaka and strengthened people to people contact by signing  revised travel agreement and granting  3- year visas to Bangladeshi students. Both nations sharing common problems and civilizational ties need each other in mutual interest in strengthening democratic polity and economic growth. Elderly Bangladeshis and freedom fighters are allowed five-year multiple visas to visit their kin, pals, medical treatment and other purpose. Friendly ties and mutual cooperation will benefit the two closed door neighbours, particularly almost landlocked North-Eastern region which is connected by road to India through the chicken neck in North Bengal. As India’s  western neighbour is in a combative mood and is unlikely  to change stance in foreseeable  future on India, New Delhi’s  mutual  friendship with Dhaka and    Naypyidaw  will  go a long way in ensuring  peace and progress  in the countries concerned.  (courtesy to

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