ODISHA, WB, Andhra Returning To Normalcy After Hit By Super Cyclone Fani: It Is Heading To Bangladesh ,NE

AFTER causing extensive damages and killing 12 persons in Odisha, the cyclone Fani reached West Bengal’s Arambagh, Nadia and Murshidabad from where the summer’s most dreaded natural calamity is moving towards Bangladesh and the North-east. Among those bore the brunt of the natural calamity are the pilgrim city Puri, Bhubaneswar, Kendrapara, Jagatsinghpur. The airports at Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Vizag resumed functioning on Saturday, May 4.  Several districts in Odisha   still remained without electricity   disrupted by the super cyclone. Assam is also bracing up to face the natural calamity which is losing its lethal power and wind speed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team are in touch with the authorities of the concerned states. He is likely to visit Odisha on Monday 6 to make an on the spot assessment. As of now,11 persons are reportedly dead in Odisha.IMD officials confirm no much damage  was caused in Bengal as it lost lethal  power .The WB government reviewed  the situation.TMC supremo and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has cancelled election rallies as the voting for the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha election will be held on Monday,May 6. Campaign will end today for the fifth phase.IMD says Fani has not touched Kolkata metropolis. Bengal media however reported that it had hit the Sunderban near The Bay of Bengal. The cyclone reached Kharagpur from Odisha on Friday night.Meanwhile,PM Modi has sanctioned over 1,000 Cr INR as interim relief and spoken to Odisha CM Navin Patnaik and WB Governor  Kashi Nath Tripathi to get the latest information about the damages caused by the severest cyclone since 1999.

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