PM Narendra Modi Expected To Address Nation on 21 October In Red Fort To Mark 75th Anniversary Of INA

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi will join a flag-hoisting ceremony at Red Fort on October 21 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ‘Azad Hind government’  founded and headed by Netaji  Subhas Chandra Bose at Singapore during World Wa11 from 1939 to 1945 .Red Fort or Lal Quilla in Delhi was the last capital of India under the Mughal who were overthrown by the British in 1857 .Lal  Quilla  Chalo  was  the clarion call  given by  Netaji  who mysteriously  disappeared after Japan surrendered  to the Allied Forces. Incidentally, trial of INA personnel was also held in the Red Fort after Independence   .In a video interaction with Bharatiya Janata Party workers, he apprised  them about the NDA  government’s programs to celebrate the contributions made by  many unsung personalities who  were  neglected by the Congress  government .He lashed out at the Congress for criticising  him and the BJP government in Gujarat over Sardar Patel’s statue project .The opposition party was in fact insulting Patel as it always had contempt for the country’s first home minister  credited for uniting hundreds of princely states.Netaji had founded Indian National Army, commonly known as Azad Hind Fauz on October  21,1943  in Singapore  to fight British with the support of Japanese forces .January 23 is celebrated as his birth anniversary.Netai, who was declared President at the march past , composed a cabinet  of 16 members. He retained the defence and external affairs ministries. Revolutionary Rashbehari Bose from Bengal who had taken shelter in Japan as he was being chased by the British for his revolutionary activities, was its advisor. Rashbehari Bose was fighting for Independence in exiled Laxmi Swaminathan Sahgal who later turned communist and Shah Nawaz Khan were among the Ministers. Khan later became a Minister in the Nehru headed Government. The first Indian Government was recognized by as many as nine countries including Myanmar, German, Japan and Singapore Meanwhile, Parliamentarian and senior BJP leader  Dr Subramaniam Swamy has  demanded fresh probe into the mysterious disappearance of Netaji after the surrender of Japan to the allied forces to end the World War 11. The Allied Forces included Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, then The Soviet Union, China and the United States of America. He says Japanese concocted the plane crash episode to save Netaji from being caught by the allied forces. Netaji, Dr Swamy said, in Agartala recently had taken refuge in then The Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. The Russian supremo was initially friend with Netaji but was compelled to deport him to Siberia.  Meanwhile, The Central Information Commission has directed the National Archives of India to give a “categorical” response to an RTI applicant who asked the Prime Minister’s Office whether iconic freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is no more. Avdhesh Kumar Chaturvedi in his an application  is curious to ascertain as to  why the Prime Minister


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