RAHUL Gandhi says Dalits, Minorities Are Not Safe Unde PM Modi’s Regime

CONGRESS President on Monday accused Narendra Modi led NDA government of destroying all democratic institutions and diverting the people’s attention from the burning problems facing the nation.Launching The Save Constitution Movement by the Congress in New Delhi Rahul Gandhi slammed  Prime Minister Narendra Modi  saying the country could burn, girls might be raped and the rights of scheduled castes and minorities be under threat, but Modi was interested merely in becoming the prime minister again.Issues relateed to Dalit rights and women’s safety were at the centre of Gandhi’s all-out attack on Modi.He said PM Modi had no respect for the Dalit community and his government was endangering constitutional values.He assured the people that his party would not let it happen.Institutions such as the Supreme Court were being trampled on and Parliament had been shut down by the government..He was not allowed to speak for 15 minutes on a host of issues, including the Nirav Modi scam. Modi would “run away if I started to exposing him”, he added.Constitutional institutions were being packed with people committed to  RSS’s ideology.Quoting from what he described as a statement by Modi, Rahul Gandhi said the Prime Minister saw spirituality in the sanitation work undertaken by Dalits. But people knew there was no place for the community, weaker sections of society and women in his heart, he added.Referring to the Prime Minister’s commitment to solve unemployment problem other issues before the 2014  Lok Sabha polls, Gandhi said Modi would now come up with new promises for votes.Modi’s earlier slogan of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ has  become ‘Beti bachao’ (Save daughters) from the BJP and its leaders with obvious reference alleged involvement of a BJP MLA in a rape case in Unnao.Only the Congress was capable of addressing the problems facing the country, he said. PM Modi is not interested in the upliftment of Dalits, minorities and women, or in giving farmers fair prices, or in generating jobs.He’s just interested in being Prime Minister, said the Congress president and blamed PM Modi for rising atrocities on dalits and minorities. the spate of rapes of minors and for farmers killing themselves.

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