WB Guv Dhankhar alleges there is ‘’virtual anarchy’’ in the state

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday said the law and order situation has completely collapsed in the eastern state. Most of the Police and bureaucrats are working as political servants of the ruling party. The crime statistics have gone up and Al-Qaeda is spreading its fangs in Murshidabad. Speaking to media persons after dialogue with Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi, Dhankhar claimed that there is a “virtual anarchy” in Bengal and political violence has become a matter of concern. Calling the Mamata Banerjee government ‘Banana Republic’ the ex -Supreme Court lawyer said he is committed to free and fair assembly elections in the state and it is not his concern which party wins or loses. “You don’t have any idea of what is happening in West Bengal. Dhankhar claimed that there is a “virtual anarchy” in Bengal where political leaders are getting killed. The power of corridors in the state is infested by non-state actors. This is surely not democracy. He alleged that there is a police state of ‘Banana Republic’ and it is my duty to save the Constitution. I don’t believe in criticising. I believe in reformation and that can happen only through dialogues. But they hardly respond to my letters. Under such circumstances, how can a constitutional head like me have a sound sleep? Asked about the speculation of President’s Rule in the state which goes to elect a new state legislative assembly in early 2021, he said, “This is not the purpose of my media address and I will not divulge the outcome of my meeting with the Union Home Minister”. Recently, while alleging that the police force is working as Trinamool Congress cadres and amid concerns over ‘law and order problem’ in West Bengal, Dhankhar had threatened that he will be forced to look at Article 154 of the Constitution. Article 154 mandates that the executive power of the state shall be vested in the governor. Responding to a query about his one-month Sojourn in Darjeeling Raj Bhawan from November 1, he said ‘’As a governor, I have every right to visit any place in my state. I will go there to understand the problems being faced by the local people.’’ “Reacting to Governor’s statement senior TMC MP Saugata Roy said, “He has to justify his salary and his Darjeeling visit is nothing but a leisure trip because around this time the weather is good in the Hills”. Refuting the accusation that the law and order has collapsed in Bengal, Roy said, “He is lying and misleading. I don’t blame him because it is his obligation to speak on behalf of the BJP. Why doesn’t he look at Uttar Pradesh and other BJP ruled states where crimes are sending ripples across the country”? Image courtesy to

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