WILL convene assembly as per constitutional parameters, says Raj Guv Mishra

Governor Kalraj Mishra ready to call assembly session if Ashok Gehlot government agrees on giving 21-day notice

RAJASTHAN Governor Kalraj Mishra has agreed to convene a session of state legislative assembly as per the constitutional modalities. Denying the accusation that he is opposed to the convening assembly as requested by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Governor Mishra in a missive to CM said the proposed session should be convened giving 21 days’ notice to the lawmakers as required under the Constitution. There is no clarity in the latest communication received from the CM whether a confidence motion will be moved during the session, he said. Mandatory social distancing should also be maintained, Governor Mishra said. Gehlot had prayed for convening the assembly on 31 July. But the governor remains unconvinced about the urgency to convene the session in post-haste. CM  had sent a revised proposal to the Governor but it also failed to cut ice with the Governor, who issued a statement, “The Raj Bhavan (Governor) has no intention of not calling the assembly session,” adding it would be difficult to call all MLAs at short notice during the pandemic”, Guv Mishra said.

Congress to launch nationwide protest against BJP's bid to topple ...

Congress on Monday, July 27 staged demonstrations across the country against ‘’conspiracy to topple’’ by BJP  against the Rajasthan Government. Former  Union Minister P Chidambaram has alleged that BJP-appointed governors have violated the letter and spirit of the Constitution and have in the process “gravely impaired” parliamentary democracy, its conventions and traditions. He called upon President Ramnath Kovind to intervene in Rajasthan where the Governor rejected the state cabinet’s decision to convene assembly. “We are astonished and anguished by the attitude of the Governor of  Rajasthan. We are therefore protesting today before all Raj Bhawans in the country to highlight the gravity of the issue and draw people’s attention to violations of the Constitution”,  P Chidambaram has tweeted. (edited by PK Chakravarty)

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