ALL the zoos in India directed to take precautionary measures to save their animals against Wuhan virus

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The Central Zoo Authority has asked all the 18 zoos across India to remain on high alert and collect samples fortnightly in suspected cases after a tiger in a US zoo tested positive for coronavirus. In a letter to all states and Union territories, CZA Member Secretary SP Yadav said  “The United States Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratories has confirmed COVID-19 in a tiger in the Bronx Zoo, New York.”Zoos in the country are, therefore, advised to remain on highest alertness, watch animals on 24X7 basis using CCTVs for any abnormal behaviour or symptoms,” it said. The authority said mammals, especially cats, ferret and primates, need to be carefully monitored and fortnightly samples of suspected cases be sent to designated animal health institutes for COVID-19 testing. (picture courtesy:

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