AMAZON directs retailers to display country of origin of all products as per GOI’s instruction

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Terming it as winning the first battle against E-Commerce Companies, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has hailed the decision of Amazon asking its sellers to display “Country of Origin” for all products listed on its platform beginning 21st July 2020. The CAIT has further said that the component of value addition should also be adhered to without any further delay. The CAIT raised this demand on 15th June 2020 in a communication sent to Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal and taking an immediate cognizance of the issue, the Government taking the first step, made it mandatory for its GeM portal to display Country of Origin by each seller followed by mandating the e-commerce portals to apply the same on their respective platform. CAIT Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal has hailed the pro-active action of the Government on CAIT demand which has forced the e-commerce companies to display Country of Origin enabling the customer to know what items he is purchasing. Khandelwal said that the Legal Metrology Act was amended in 2017, making it compulsory for e-commerce companies to display country of origin of all products. “It is astonishing that for three years, no effort was made by e-commerce companies to implement such a legal binding and it is when the CAIT raised the issue on 15th June followed by convening a meeting by DPIIT with e-commerce Companies, the law has been in implementation stage”. Khandelwal said that the other e-commerce players conducting business activities in India should also follow the decision of Amazon immediately and the CAIT will call upon DPIIT to compel e-commerce companies to follow the law. (Image courtesy: Business Insider)

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