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Biden Defends Afghanistan Withdrawal Amid Mounting Criticism

Strongly defending his decision for completely withdrawing the US troops from embattled Afghanistan, POTUS  Joe Biden said it was “the right decision” to end the US’  20-year military presence in Afghanistan. Speaking in a firm tone on Tuesday, September 31 Biden said ‘’ keeping US troops in control of the airport in the Afghan capital beyond an August 31  deadline would have exposed them to heightened security risk.’’ Let me be clear: leaving on August 31 is not due to an arbitrary deadline. It was designed to save American lives,” he said. His predecessor Donald Trump had finalized the deal with the Taliban that ensured the withdrawal. He has taken the responsibility for the final decision to pull all US troops out of Afghanistan, Biden added. He however did not fail to warn the Islamic State-Khorasan (ISIS-K) that America is not done with the terrorist group and will not hesitate to strike it again, if necessary. Addressing the nation worried about human rights violations by the Taliban in the Muslim-dominated nation, Biden promised the US will hunt down those who wish to harm America. After the last American military planes left Afghanistan, Biden assured his nation that the White House will continue its fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and other countries. The United States exited Afghanistan on Tuesday morning ending its longest-ever overseas war. Paying tribute to  American service members for performing ‘’their duty despite a dangerous and ultimately deadly environment in the war-torn country’’, he vowed to bring back safely the ten percent Americans who remained stranded there. It is reported that 100 to 200 Americans still remain in Afghanistan “with some intention to leave Afghanistan. Most of those who remained in that country were dual citizens and long-time residents who earlier had decided to continue to stay. The United States was determined to get them out if they wanted to quit, POTUS added.

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