BUDDHADEB Guha, Celebrated Bangla Writer, Passes Away

BANGLA literary world on August 30  was saddened to hear about the passing away of  Buddhadeb Guha, creator of scores of memorable literary works, including novels, short stories &  works of fiction. The  Creator of Children’s ‘Rijuda’ Series, was Chartered Accountant by profession.  ‘’Buddhadev Guha is no more. He was blessed as to be one with the Divine on the night of Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday). Do join his family and friends in celebrating his life,” his elder daughter Maleni B Guhaa posted on social media. He was 85 when he succumbed to post-covid complications in a hospital following a massive cardiac arrest, his family said. The writer, whose works of fiction reflected his closeness to nature and forests of eastern India, was suffering from post-Covid complications and had been hospitalised earlier this month after complaining of breathlessness and urinary infection, his family said. Rangpur, Jaipurhat and Barisal in Bangladesh where he had spent his early years are depicted in his Rivu series. Guha had contracted Covid-19 and spent 33 days in the hospital. He had returned from the hospital but never really recovered and was hospitalized again with breathing trouble and urinary tract infections, sources said. Considered as one of the most popular Bengali fiction writers, his creation Rijuda and his sidekick Rudra roam the jungles. It was in the pages of Guha’s books such as Ru Aha that Africa came alive for generations of Bengali children. His works of fiction reflected his closeness to nature and the forests of eastern India. An authority on Rabi Thakur, he was  Rabindra sangeet singer as well. Kolkata born, Guha was a jungle (forest) lover. His novels are based on forest life. His novels and short stories are highly acclaimed by critics, winning him fans across the sub-continent and several awards including Ananda Purashkar in 1976, Shiromani Purashkar and Sharat Puraskar. Among his important works are “Madhukari”, “Koeler Kachhe” (Near the Koel bird) and “Sobinoy Nibedon” (Humble Offering).
An award-winning Bengali film ”Dictionary” was made based on two of his works “Baba Howa” (Being a Father) and “Swami Howa” (Being a Husband). AS one critic says his novels and short stories are noted for their dreamy and romantic appeal praised by suave urban Bengali. He is best remembered for his novel Madhukori, considered a seminal work of Bengali fiction. Governor  Dhankhar, CM Mamata Banerjee, Opposition Leader Suvendu Adhikari have paid homage to Buddhadeb Guha and recalled his unique contributions to Bengal’s intellectual life. Edited by PKChakravarty

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