SUVENDHU Adhikar says TMC will not be back to power after 2021 assembly polls


DESPITE  West Bengal Assembly Speaker sitting over his resignation letter citing technical errors, Suvendhu Adhikari, former  Minister and sitting TMC MLA from Nandigram, along with ten others, mostly from ruling TMC , joined BJP  on Saturday ,on December 19 in presence of Amit Shah. Addressing a largely attended public meeting in West Medinipur ,he vowed to work to root out TMC from the grassroots from tomorrow itself.TMC   MP Sunil Mondal, nine sitting MLAs, including five from TMC and ex- MP from North Bengal, also joined the saffron brigade with Suvendhu stated to be  a popular mass leader who had taken the lead in the famed Nandigram movement against then Marxist government headed by the CPI-M. BJP under the leadership of CPI-M .Amit Shah said BJP under Prime Minister  Narendra Modi will leave no stone unturned in realising the dream of Sonar Bangla.CM Mamata Banerjee has betrayed MAA, Mati and Mansus of Bengal. The writing on the wall is clear, Bengal has decided to bring BJP government in the state by electing 200+MLAs.


Mamata Banerjee’s government is anti-farmer and other common people. She has blocked implementation of central projects for the farming community and others, Amit Shah said. Senior party members are leaving TMC. Didi accuses BJP of inducing party members to defect. But I want to ask her when she quit Congress to form TMC, was it not defection? This is just the start. She will be left alone by the election, Amit Shah said. Funds and food grains given by Modi govt for AMPHAN cyclone & COVID pandemic relief programs didn’t reach the people of Bengal because of the corruption of TMC goons. It’s shameful that Kolkata High Court had to order an enquiry by the CAG into the matter, Amit Shah said. “Amit Shah is not aware of Bengal’s political history,” says TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee.BJP’s history is stained with blood. Thousands of farmers are agitating braving inclement weather against the draconian farm laws. The BJP government is determined to implement these to benefit their friends in the corporate sectors at the cost of the poor farmers, he said.

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