Devendra Fadnavis has  returned  as Chief Minister of Maharashtra  and senior NCP leader  Ajit  Pawar joined him  as  Deputy chief  Minister while the  Shiv Sena , NCP and   Congress were engaged in  finalizing nitty-gritty about forming a coalition government in the western state. Ajit Pawar,60, leader of the NCP Legislative  Party   and a former deputy chief minister, was participating in the discussions with his uncle Sharad Pawar, President of the   Nationalist Congress Party,  one of the three parties, working for the formation  of a coalition  government  to  prevent BJP  from coming back to power. Soon after Fadnavis and Pawar were sworn in Rajbhavan by Governor Bhagwat Singh Koshiaryi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated them and said he was “confident they will work diligently for the bright future of Maharashtra”. President’s Rule, which was imposed in Maharashtra on November 12, has been revoked. Ajit Pawar said he reached his decision to join hands with the BJP on his own. Sources quoted by ANI assert that Sharad Pawar was part of discussions on forming a Fadnavis-led government, and that he gave his assent to Ajit. NCP chief Sharad Pawar said that his nephew Ajit’s decision is an act of indiscipline, and no NCP worker is in favour of NCP-BJP govt. “An honest NCP worker can never be part of BJP government formation,” he said.About11 MLAs along with Ajit joined hands with BJP.Four-time NCP MLA Rajendra Shingane said that they were “misled”. Pawar further said that they can’t rule out a possibility of “cheating by governor”. Ajit Pawar may have submitted ‘ready-made’ list of NCP MLAs, he added. Senior BJP leader Sudhir Mungantiwar has claimed that Ajit Pawar gave letter of support on behalf of all 54 NCP MLAs. He said that they do not need separate letter from each legislator. “Letter from Leader of Legislative Party is considered the letter of the party,” he told News18. Meanwhile, Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule, MP,  has put up a status on WhatsApp, saying there is “split in the party and family”. Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel slammed Fadnavis and BJP for committing   fraud for coming to power. “There was no verification done for the MLAs. Besides, only a certain media agency was present to cover the oath-taking ceremony. There is certainly something fishy” terming the entire episode “anti-constitutional” and “anti-democracy”. “Today was a black spot in the history of Maharashtra. Everything was done in a hushed manner and early morning. Something is wrong somewhere. Nothing can be more shameful than this.”Addressing  a news conference  with  Shiv  Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray, Sharad  Pawar  said Fadnavis led  BJP  government  ‘’ will not be able to  win  trust vote. Shiv Sena NCP & INC has numbers to form government in Maharashtra and we will do it’’, he added amid report that several rebel NCP lawmakers are returning to the party.     

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