CSIR-CMERI offers ‘Sustainable Innovative Solutions to MSMEs’

SEVERAL MSMEs, entrepreneurs, startups and other stakeholders have extended cooperation to CSIR-CMERI in promoting sustainable Innovative Solutions for MSMEs playing a vital role in the national economy. Biswanath Bhattacharya, President, FOSMI, West Bengal, has commended Prof. Harish Hirani for providing an opportunity to the MSMEs of the region to learn about crucial CSIR-CMERI technology interventions. Briefly outlining the technological prowess and tremendous technology advancements made by CSIR-CMERI in recent years, especially in the domain of Sustainable and Affordable Technologies. Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani stated that the MSMEs are the Life-Force of the National Economy and is one of the major Economic Activity across the nation are directly or indirectly linked with the MSMEs. CSIR-CMERI is focused upon providing Import-Substitution through Innovative, Sustainable and Affordable Solutions with collaborative mode for the development of our society as well as the entire country. The Government is emphasizing the import substitution and we need to move from the individualism to collaborative approach”. CSIR-CMERI intends to extend its help to the MSMEs for harnessing the positive impact by providing the developed technologies and working towards the import substation substantially The participants in a webinar function were apprised of an elaborate and detailed presentation on Solar Technologies/Artefacts, Bio-Mass Briquettes, Smoke-Free Chulha,  two-variants of the Mechanized Leaf Collection Technologies, Semi-Continuous and Fully-Automated Bio-Diesel Plants, Solar & Bio-Diesel based Energy Mini-Grid, Municipal Solid Waste Management, Sustainable Cooking System, Iron-Fluoride-Arsenic Water Purification Technologies, Water Testing Facilities, Processing, Purification of Waste Water & Effluent Water Treatment Plant towards conservation of Fresh Water Resources, Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, Air Purifier and many other technologies. Besides, the plethora of Manufacturing Technologies such as Multi-Fab, Nano Lase, Artery Forceps Manufacturing, Arrow Head, 316 L Latch, Cu Nozzle, etc. The numerous Technical Services and Training Modules provided by CSIR-CMERI were also briefly presented to the MSMEs.CSIR-CMERI is ready to extend the hand handling approach to the MSMEs with its available technological and ICT based interventions which can help MSMEs to get the desired and sustainable results. In the Question & Answer session numerous MSME representatives requested Prof. Hirani to please carry forward the momentum towards the further development of Indigenous Technologies so that affordable and proudly Made in India products can be proliferated in the Indian Manufacturing Scenario.

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