UTPAL Chatterjee

Jadavpur University: Courses, Fees, Placement, Ranking, Admission 2020

The Corona Virus had not invaded us yet. It was, at it turns out, waiting in the proverbial wings. Now that it has come and overstayed its visit, it is better that we recall some experiences that are worth cherishing. The TED X experience at Jadavpur University, for instance, was one that I loved and the packed House seemed to love it as much, if not more. Within four hours of the plane from Kuala Lumpur landing in Kolkata, I was at the venue. I had to be sense and sensibility personified while talking on the amazingly unpredictable world of ours under the category of international relations, peace and understanding. As usual, I never carry even a scrap of paper on occasions such as these. There was an electronic timekeeper near the footlights to ensure you kept track and did not cross the line. A spell seemed to have been cast over me ever since I started and it stayed till the end. Since you would be watching me speak anyway, I restrain myself from divulging any of the details that so many seemed to find so fascinating. But the talk, they say, was “profound and laced with wit”. The prolonged applause still reverberates in my ears. Thank you, the world-famous TED Talks team. Thank you, team Jadavpur University for the venue and a job excellently done! For Yours Truly, this is just another beginning! Some beginning, that, as a TED speaker!

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