IN Drishtikone, Prosenjit & Rituparna Prove Afresh They Remain Evergreen On-Screen Lovebirds

FILM connoisseurs appreciate the acting skills showcased by Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta in Dristikone, the Bangla movie which has just hit the screen. Both have countless fans and are famed as on- screen lovebirds .They have teamed up after two years in the unparallel movie in new roles in different circumstances directed by multiple National Film Award winning film maker Kaushik Ganguly. In the 50th venture of Surinder Films moviegoers watch Prosenjit and Rituparna together after two years since their Shiboprosad Mukherjee’s superhit film Praktan released in 2016 about Sudipa and Ujaan, married couple, who go their separate ways due to differences in ideologies. Years later, they bump into each other on a train journey from Mumbai to Howrah.

Dristikone tells us about how love blossomed between a successful lawyer and a complex woman who seeks his professional help related to a lawsuit. Yes, it is also a romance but from different perceptive.  Bengali cinema’s iconic actor Prosenjit Chatterjee in the movie plays a man who loses his eyesight and then regains it partially. And he does not fail his admirers to retain his histrionics.

As he told scribes “My character has a chance to regain sight in both his eyes. But he chooses not to. He opts for just one eye to be restored because he feels there are so many in the world who need that one eye to see… It is an idealistic thought, yes. But I do feel we need to tap the humanism within us for mankind to survive.” In their first collaboration with the director, Pronsenjit says he fell in love with Drishtikone after story was narrated to him.Ganguly, who came to limelight after making Chalo Let’s Go (2008), Shabdo (2013), Cinemawala (2016), Chotushkone (2014) and Bisorjon (2018), goes on record saying Drishtikone tells the story of relationship between an advocate played named Mitra  played by  Prosenjit and his client Mrs Sen portrayed by Rituparna  from different perspectives. And that is why the movie is titled Drishtikone. Churni Ganguly , director’s spouse, and the director himself are seen enacting important characters in the film.The music for Drishtikone is composed and arranged by Anupam Roy  who has also worked with the director in Chotushkone (2014).It is described as an  out of the Box film by a movie bug . Its cinematography is also appreciable. The two songs written by Anupam Roy have gone viral even before the release of the Film. Critics are unanimous that it is worth watching with family and pals hungry for good movies. It is indeed a commendable film presented by Kaushik Ganguly after Bisharjan, say scribes.Sagnik Biswas, after thrilled by the movie, has tweeted: One of the most intriguing ‘out-of-the-box’ films which have tremendous potential to be a super hit commercially. KG, truly hats off to you sir for presenting a new ‘Drishtikone’ of how to watch a good film as well. The way the details are stitched with gradual significance, just loved it.


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