IN Egypt, Security Forces kill 40 Suspected Militants After Tourist Bus Bombed

Egyptian security forces claim that 40 suspected militants have been killed in three separate incidents in North Sinai and Giza, the ministry of interior said on Saturday. Security forces had no option but to recourse to shoot them down after a deadly bombing on a Vietnamese tourist bus near Giza Pyramid killed four people, reports BBC     citing official sources in Cairo .BBC also said it was not revealed whether the suspected militants were connected to Friday’s attack. But the Interior Ministry has gone on record admitting that it’s forces killed 30 people during raids on their hideouts in Giza where it said “terrorist elements” were planning a series of attacks targeting state institutions and the tourism industry. Security forces also killed 10 suspected militants in North Sinai where the country is fighting an insurgency led by Islamic State. State news agency MENA said that the suspects were killed in a gun battle. The ministry did not give any details about the suspects’ identity or whether there had been any casualties or injuries among the security forces. The statement said the three raids took place simultaneously. The ministry published photos of bloodied bodies with their faces concealed and assault rifles and shotguns lying on the floor beside them.Three Vietnamese tourists and an Egyptian guide were killed and at least 10 others injured when a roadside bomb blast hit their tour bus on Friday less than 4 km from Egypt’s world-famous Giza pyramids which attract countless tourists from across the world.Egypt’s military and police launched a major campaign against militant groups in February, targeting the Sinai Peninsula as well as southern areas and the border with Libya. They have further  stepped up Security measures which is already tight in Egypt.The tourist season at its height. The country’s main Christian minority, the Copts, are preparing to celebrate Orthodox Christmas on 7 January. Egyptian government has assured the people including tourists not to panic.

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