IN WB, BJP workers clash with police during NABANNA Chalo March

BJP's march to CM Mamata Banerjee's office in Kolkata halted by police.

IN some parts of Kolkata city and adjoining Howrah,  clashes erupted between the West Bengal Police and BJP workers as members of the saffron party tried to break through barricades during their ‘Nabanna Chalo’ march towards the state secretariat.  BJP workers from Kolkata and Howrah started their rally towards Nabanna to protest the “worsening” law and order situation in the state.BJP workers clashed with police, blocked roads with burning tyres to protest alleged killings of party workers forcing police to use tear gas and water cannons, reported  News 18. Skirmishes broke out at several places during the march led by the youth wing of the BJP, the Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM).’’ BJP’s struggle to save the rich glory of Bengal will continue. We stand with the people of Bengal despite the brazen misuse of state power by Mamata didi. Our brave .karyakartas compelled her to close the Secretariat. This is an admission that she has lost public confidence.’’, it said in tweeter.BJP held  4 protest rallies simultaneously in different parts of West Bengal. Almost 113 BJP workers have been detained by cops, said Bangla TV channel. TMC MP Saugaita  Roy alleged one BJP worker was found having a revolver with him. BJP protesters broke the barricade & threw bricks at a place in Howrah. Police also lathi-charged workers on Howrah Bridge and BJP state vice-president Raju Banerjee and MP Jyotirmoy Singh Mahato were injured during the clashes. Arvind Menon, BJP National Secretary, was also wounded. Police personnel donning riot gear burst teargas shells, beat up protesters, and used water cannons to disperse the demonstrators, said the English news channel. BJP’s newly appointed Yuva Morcha chief Tejasvi Surya, who was among the leaders steering the march, said that tear gas and water cannons were launched at the agitators. “This is what fascism looks like! Country bombs hurled at our rally by TMC goons from rooftops. Tear gas and water canons launched against a peaceful march. The tyrant’s time is coming to an end. #NabannoCholo,” Surya wrote on Twitter. “We are sensing that the people of Bengal do not want the Mamata Banerjee government anymore. This is a mockery of democracy,” Surya told News18.

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