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Bangladesh Center for Community Development, Inc. (BCCDI), successfully inaugurated their newly acquired property in Woodbridge, VA.

The event started with a Moment of Silence in front of the “SHOHID MINAR” in memory of all the Martyrs’, followed by laying the Wreath of the flower by the Ambassador of Bangladesh to the U.S.A. H. E. Muhammad Imran, then BCCDI Bangla School and community at large. After the Ekushey February activities at the front of the BCCDI Building the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was done by the Ambassador of Bangladesh to the U.S.A. H. E. Muhammad Imran, in addition to the ribbon cutting, Ambassador Imran also unveiled the permanent engraved “WALL OF HONOR” for the donors and supporters and unveiled North America’s first-ever “MSUMA KHATUN-WALI FAHAMI LIBRARY”.

The Ekushey event started by welcoming all the guests by Secretary Radwan Chowdhury followed by welcome remarks by President Pankaj Chowdhury, president also introduces the board of directors and the accomplishments of the board, in addition to forces behind the successful acquisition of the new property and the vital role played by Principal Shamim Chowdhury.

General Secretary Radwan Chowdhury recognizes all the contributors, supporters, teachers, parents, students, sponsors, photojournalists, journalists, and the community at large in a special note of THANKS for their unwavering commitments to BCCDI Bangla School. Secretary also, announces the community awards to Ms. Shereen Akter, Founder & CEO of Data N Tech, Mr. Abubokor Hanip, Chancellor & Chairman at Washington University of Science and Technology, Mr. & Mrs. Kabir & Parveen Patwary, Founder, President, of Ekattor Foundation, Ms. Mohosina Jannat Rimi, Founder & CEO, Affection Home Health Care, Mr. Toufique Matin, Founder & CEO, Commonwealth Mortgage, and the award was given by the Honorable Ambassador H. E. Muhammad Imran. In special recognition, Secretary also mentioned Litu Chowdhury and Anise Khan for their special role in acquiring the property.

Principal Shamim Chowdhury, introduces the teachers and instructors (in-person, online, and substitutes) and overview of current school activities, including but not limited to Dance Academy and Music Academy and the teachers.

“I have a DREAM, in that, a student of this Bangla School will, one day, serve as the United States Ambassador to Bangladesh”. – said Dr. Faizul Islam.

In Ambassador Imran’s remarks, he gave his commitment and his support for BCCDI Bangla School and asked that we advise him of our needs in reference to Books and curriculums and his door will remain open for BCCDI Bangla School.

The first segments of the event concluded with the Ambassador’s speech and the cultural activities started with the Ekushey Dance by BCCDI Bangla Schools Students followed by many more dances, singing by students, parents, and teachers, poetry recitation, and many more, and the day were concluded with delicious homemade food cooked by the board of directors.

Bangladesh Center for Community Development (BCCDI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1987, to work on community development and capacity building among Bangladeshi Americans in particular and for the citizens of Fairfax, Arlington, Prince William County, and the Greater Washington Metro area, in addition, to upholding cultural diversity and teaching various languages to our next-generation of youth.

BCCDI Bangla School Mission is to forge a path that leads to a brighter future and to Maximize EACH Child’s Potential while connected to their ancestor’s rich and vibrant cultural roots.

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