KAMLA Harris is named Biden’s Vice-Presidential running mate

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) introduces Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden at a campaign rally March 9 at Renaissance High School in Detroit.

IN the wake of Black life matters movement sweeping the United States of  America, Presidential candidate Joe Biden seems to have outsmarted his rival, Donald Trump, by announcing Kamla  Harris as his running mate. Lawyer by profession Harris, 55, and a junior senator from California since 2017, will be the nation’s first Black vice president if Biden wins the race to the White House.  Democratic  Senator Kamala Harris is also a former prosecutor from California. She  remains in limelight as a critic of the incumbent POTUS.”Joe Biden can unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us,” Harris said on Twitter shortly after Biden made his announcement. “I’m honoured to join him as our party’s nominee for vice president, and do what it takes to make him our commander-in-chief.” Harris ran for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2020 election briefly becoming a front runner before ending her campaign citing a lack of funds to continue. She was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate for the 2020 United States presidential election on August 11, 2020, becoming the third female U.S. vice presidential nominee of a major party, after Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was a breast-cancer scientist who had emigrated from Tamil Nadu in 1960 to pursue a doctorate in endocrinology at UC Berkeley. Her father, Donald Harris, is a Stanford University emeritus professor of economics who emigrated from British Jamaica in 1961 for graduate study in economics at UC Berkeley. In a 2018 article written, Donald Harris claimed to be a descendant of slave owner Hamilton-Brown. Biracial of Indian and Jamaican descent, Kamala Harris identifies simply as “American”. She goes to both a black Baptist church and a Hindu temple. Her mother’s family still resides in Chennai.

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