-UTPAL Chatterjee

Although the Covid-19,has invaded the world (over 185 countries) with devastating consequences, rest assured this,too, shall pass.Yes, the living nightmare shall end. It shall, as it must. Even as 2019 was gradually making way for 2020 in China, the epidemic which, soon, snowballed to a pandemic, has taken a heavy toll of lives, particularly in the Western world. There have been so many kinds of the virus over the centuries but this has left scientists and Doctors everywhere stumped. Not coming in close proximity to others (social distancing) has been the safest precautionary measure hence the lockdowns. But man cannot live in total or semi-isolation forever. But what has been the genesis of this virus? Some experts have gone so far as suggesting this leaked from a foreign laboratory dedicated to producing biological weapons.So, is this all part of science fiction turned real? What demented minds can do this to others the world over? Speculations apart, there are genuine scientists working round the clock to find the vaccine to put an end to all the misery. Only yesterday, scientists from Oxford started trying the new vaccine on willing volunteers. May the Almighty turn their efforts into a success. So far, compared to the rest of the world, India has done relatively well in trying to flatten the curve. But we are a densely populated Nation.So, while being careful, we must put our best forward to ensure that our economy gradually springs back to normal. The sooner, the better, of course. There have been pandemics before. Even in the Elizabethan era when Shakespeare wrote “King Kear”, among other plays, during lockdown. But all pandemics had their sunsets. We, too, will. Yes, we are waiting for the nightmare to be over.( Writer Utpal Chatterjee is a globetrotter senior journalist & famed public speaker)

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