MAMATA Asks Govt To Rein In Galloping Petrol & Diesel Prices

AS  Union  Minister for  Petroleum Dharmendra Pradhan  has said  the Government is  considering a long term solution  to  keep prices of  petroleum product under leash, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has  expressed concern over the rising fuel prices across the country.”Fuel prices are increasing again and again. All are being badly affected: agriculture, transport and common people are being forced to bear burden,” she said in a tweet. The CM also urged the Centre to take measures to control the surge.”In spite of the grim situation, why isn’t the Central Govt taking any serious steps to find a solution?  Banerjee, who is heading the ruling Trinamool Congress and trying  to unite bring all  anti-BJP  parties on a common platform to oust the NDA Government, said  .The youth wing of the ruling party had last week taken out rallies in several districts of the state to protest against the sharp rise in fuel prices across the country. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has also threatened the NDA Government saying that a nationwide people’s agitation will be launched if perol and diesel prices are not curbed. (image Courtsey IOC  sources )

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