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MY UPCOMING BOOK ON SUMMITS, MEETING AND INTERVIEWING HEADS OF STATE: “Summits” always seem to be the flavour of the season. I deem myself extremely fortunate to have attended the Stockholm Summit, my very first, in January 1988. The temperature was -35 degrees. True,I was part of the select media accompanying our then Prime Minister.But, being relatively young, I worked really hard, attended every session, listened very attentively, filed my reports and interviews thrice a day, often missed my meals and drew attention for all the right reasons. Meeting several Heads of State, thanks to their respective advisers, became a distinct possibility and prepared me for subsequent Summits and international conferences across the world. God Almighty has been extremely kind but, as I had learnt in my childhood, God helps those who help themselves. Later,I could meet Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher again at the Parliament in Westminster and President Mikhail Gorbachev again in the chilly, snowy Moscow in 1989. One was fortunate to cover two U.S.Presidential Elections, coast to coast, and interview four prospective Presidents too. In Britain, starting with Dame Margaret Thatcher one listened to and interviewed her successors till David Cameron. In the years following, I met and interviewed newer leaders and newsmakers and if they liked or were impressed by you, the word got around and meeting others was not all that much of a problem. A good deal would emerge in my book which is in the making. ( photo courtesy Business Insider)

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