INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day: PM Modi’s Twitter handled by females


ON International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8 as in previous years across our planet to promote gender equality, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tributes to women by handing over his Twitter account to seven ladies representing various walks of life so that women can share their hopes, aspirations as well struggle to become achievers. The theme this year is “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. Sharing her life journey on the Prime Minister’s Twitter account @narendramodi, Sneha Mohandoss said inspired by her mother, who instilled the habit of feeding the homeless, she started the initiative called Foodbank India. She worked with volunteers many of whom were outside India for eradicating hunger. She urged everyone to feed at least one needy person and contribute to make a hunger-free planet. People have heard of food for thought and now, it is time for action to ensure a better future for the poor, Mohandoss added. Sharing herb story, Malvika Iyer says  that she survived a gruesome bomb blast at the age of 13 but she gets her PhD. ‘Giving up is never an option. Forget your limitations and take on the world with confidence and hope, ‘Malvika Iyer said. Yet, she worked and went on to get her PhD. Dr Iyer said, she believed that education is indispensable for change and there is a need to sensitize young minds about discriminatory attitudes. She stressed the need to show people with disabilities as role models instead of showing them as weak and dependent. Stating that giving up is never an option, Dr Malvika Iyer said, people should forget their limitations and take on the world with confidence and hope. Acceptance is the greatest reward people can give to themselves. People cannot control their lives but surely can control the attitude towards life. She added that at the end of the day, it is how people survive the challenges that matter most. Kalli Purie says: I would want to go back to one of the PM’s first speeches related to International Women’s Day   and write. instead of asking woman question, let’s ask men. Nishtha Grover : To all the women out there, you are strong and all your work in taking the nation forward is appreciated. Also, sanitary products are free from midnight. Nisha Singh :To all the men out there, let’s take one step ahead for women’s safety by wishing female colleagues with namaste and not make them uncomfortable with a handshake or a hug. Happy Women’s Day.Krishna Priya Pallavi : Women deal with discrimination every day, be it at the workplace or at home. In a country where we worship women, how is it justified that we do not enjoy the most basic rights, even over our own body? Let’s pledge to provide women reproductive rights, equal pay, free sanitary products and parental leaves for both parents. Four-day working week to begin soon in India. It is mandatory for all companies to give a 3-day weekend to every employee. Vibha Maru: A little gift to all the women of the nation, your salaries will be equal to your male colleagues. Starting today. Medha Chawla : Menstrual leaves to be granted to all women in India every month. Jyoti Kanyal : Saheliyon, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, I would like to apologise to all the women of this country on behalf of every man who has ever failed you. Incidentally, The prime Minister Narendra Modi remains among the most-followed world leaders on social media. He has 53.3 million followers on Twitter, 44 million on Facebook and 35.2 million on Instagram. The Twitter handle of Prime Minister’s Office has 32 million followers. In September 2019, PM Modi was the third most followed world leader on the microblogging site, behind only US President Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama.PM Modi who inspired politicians and others to share their thought on social media, was the first Indian to cross the 50-million followers mark on Twitter.(edited by @chakravartypk )

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