NAM countries should intervene to save the world from WW-III: Prof Bhim Singh

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Expressing concern following the escalation of tension in West Asia, Prof.Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman of International Peace Council & Executive Chairman of Indo–Palestine Friendship Society, has appealed all the peace-loving countries of the world in the East and West to sit together somewhere, maybe Delhi will be a convenient place if Govt. of India shall approve to arrange an urgent sitting and work out a reasonable and a scientific plan to divert the war designs into peace initiative in the world. Prof.Bhim Singh who is also Chief Patron of National Panthers Party in India had travelled around the world on a peace mission on a motorcycle in the sixties and seventies. He spent more than two years travelling on the roads and meeting common people on the streets in the entire Arab and Muslim World in the sixties and seventies. NPP Supremo who is also chairing the World Peace Council of Indian youth has made a strong appeal to the NAM countries to sit together without any failure and work out a reasonable solution to end a global conflict which has recently surfaced between the Arab countries and the United States of America involving the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran cannot be isolated from the rest of the peace-loving countries as well as from the Islamic world. This is sad that US President, Mr. Donald Trump has been playing a dangerous game under the guidance of Zionism and the extremist Jewish leadership of Israel who has been trying to use the present sensitive political stability of President Trump being under impeachment. It was Zionist/Jews support in all directions that Mr. Donald Trump won Presidential election in the USA by international tricks and Zionist support from all directions. Zionist would not miss an opportunity to use Mr. Donald Trump against the Arab World to demolish the Palestinian cause. It was United Nations which had violated the UN Resolutions in support of Palestine which has been opposed by the Zionist conspiracy which is heading the Israeli Govt. today. The NAM leadership is the only way out to save the world from the impending disaster looming over the heads of the world.  Attacking/killings Iranian General in Baghdad a day before has created dangerous situation not only in the Middle-East but threatened the world peace itself. Iran and the USA need to be brought on a negotiating table which is not easy job. Indian leadership should learn from past India’s role, how India with the help of President Nasser, Chinese Leader Chou-en-Lai and Yugoslavian President, Joseph Tito gathered the world opinion for world peace and no war so that all conflicts could be resolved through peaceful means and not atom bombs. This is the time that Indian leadership should take the Third World leadership into confidence including that of Iran, Arab World as well as that of President Trump. This is the only way to save the world from the impending nuclear disaster. The direct confrontation between Iran and the USA would mean a confrontation between the East and the West.  The Indian leadership has a role to play and must not miss the opportunity to play its destined role to save the world and carry the banners for the peace and understanding from Tehran to Washington. (image courtesy to Pinterest)

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