NARENDA Modi Scripts History

NARENDRA Damodardas Modi,68 years old  grass root politico from India’s western state of Gujarat, will be  India’s  Prime Minister  for another 5 years after achieving a historic referendum on his government’s  performance. His is indeed a creditable victory in the recently concluded Lok Sabha poll for 542 Parliamentary seats across 29 states and 7 Union territories compelling his arch critics to eat the dust. NDA led by him has secured 352 Lok Sabha Seats. The country’s oldest political party, Congress, has ended a distant runner–up and vociferous and combative adversaries have been silenced at least for five years. In West Bengal ruled by macabre politician Mamata Banerjee, BJP has made significant achievement by winning as many as 18 parliamentary seats out of a total of  42  and  emerging as  the challenger to the ruling TMC polling 40 percent vote share in the state which goes to assembly  elections in less than two years. Out of eight assembly by-polls held in the state, the party has won four out of 8 assembly by-elections in Bengal stunning political observers. It has retained all the 7 seats in national capital Delhi and bagged seats in most of the states where it is not in power. Credit goes to PM Modi and his team as they led the election campaign across the nation including the problem ridden Bengal. More  and more  people  in the state  are coming  out openly  against  maladministration, corruption, authoritarianism and lack  of  development in Bengal. The incumbent Bengal government as they assert has not honoured electoral promises deepening their socio-economic crises. BJP has accorded priority to nationalism, strengthening of defence forces and promoting Hindutta. As some BJP leaders say, “We Hindus were under foreign rule for over 1200 years. Even after the Brits made India an independent and sovereign nation, the Hindu community lived as a second class  citizens”. Their points are debatable but what cannot be  brushed aside is whether rural distress and generation of employment opportunities should not have been prioritised. Team Modi reminded the rural electorate that the NDA government led by  him  remains committed to increase farmers’ income in phases keeping in view the interest of the farming community as well as the consumers. Rural distress inherited by India since 1947 when the multi-cultural and multi-lingual nation gained independence from British rule. As most of the macroeconomists opine that periodic loan waiver scheme for the farmers over several decades has not lastingly solved their problems, the government has launched several schemes and announced to introduce pension scheme for small and marginal farmers and traders. It is laudable that mandis where agricultural produce is sold by farmers have been digitized recording all details related to sale prices and payments for the benefit of farmers. Another important factor is that all monetary entitlements of the BPL  people are directly   transferred  to the  beneficiaries  through  their  bank accounts so that they are not  deprived  of their dues  by middlemen.  Narendra Modi’s return to  power  can also be attributed to  the  simplification of the  process  related to  Goods  and  Services Tax (GST) and incentives given to the trading community, especially  in the economically  backward regions  and introduction of Ayushman Bharat Scheme for BPL families  providing  free  treatment and hospitalization up to 5 lacks annually. Lastly, as international politics is no longer bipolar after the  end of Cold War between United  States  and erstwhile The Soviet Union, India  under  Modi  has been  successful in maintaining  friendly ties in the multi- polar world with US, UK,  European Nations, Russia, China, Arab World, Gulf countries, Israel, Nepal, Bhutan , Myanmar in their mutual interest  through expanding  trade relations and promoting people to people contact. India is no longer looked with suspicion for following ambiguous economic and foreign policies (courtesy :musingsofaseniorjournalist@ .

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