Chinese troops pull back 2 km from the site of Sino-India face-offs in Galwan Valley, says govt. official

Bowing to the pressure on multi fronts launched by India and following a stern warning by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that policy of expansionism is not acceptable, disengagement with  China’s PLA begins as per agreed terms. PLA was seen removing tents and structures at PP14 and rearward movement of Chinese Army vehicles seen at Galwan, Hot springs and Gogra. India’s responsible stance & message at LAC has been globally recognised. Those invested in the India-China relationship in Beijing are also of the opinion that the present stand-off should be resolved. India has sent out a decisive message that national security is paramount: India and China have pulled back troops by at least 2 kilometre in the tense Galwan river valley in eastern Ladakh, where 20 soldiers were killed in a deadly brawl with Chinese troops on June 15. A  buffer zone has been created between the troops of both sides. Chinese troops pull back 2 km from site of Galwan Valley clashes, says The Hindu citing an official. We will need to wait to see if this is a lasting, genuine disengagement,” said the sources. Temporary structures built by Chinese soldiers at the illegally occupied site at the river-bend embankment are being removed by both sides, reports  said ND TV quoting sources. Reports of the pull-back in the last 24 hours have emerged three days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to a Ladakh forward post on Friday, July 03 where he addressed thousands of troops and asserted, without naming China, that “the age of expansionism is over and expansionist forces have either lost or were forced to turn back. “Last Wednesday, commanders of the Indian and Chinese armies met for a third round of talks after the Galwan Valley clash. The talks went on for 12 hours. Apart from boosting morale of the defence personnel, it was a clear warning by PM Modi that India will not succumb to any pressure by Beijing. Meanwhile, Indian traders remain firm not to sell  Chinse products and promote  Made in India campaign in the interest of national economy saying the balance of payment in bilateral business is astronomically high in favour of China.

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