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Krishna Chaudhuri Mukhopadhyay is a retired and very well-known Math teacher of a very high-quality High School in an Urban neighborhood adjacent to New York City. Her adroit skills of teaching math may make someone to think that she is adept only in calculations of Calculus, Geometry or Trigonometry, but her creative thought process edifying skills did not let her to circle around Math only, rather she engaged herself in writing her experience with the young minds whom she taught her calculative Science called Math. She learnt from them, she taught them how to cope with the difficulties of life and win over them to become a good citizen. She depicts diverse situations of her journey as a teacher, and
in this book, she describes how she embraced the young minds in her journey and made sure that they received the proper tools so that they can make a better future for themselves when they reach their adult lives. When you read her book “Born in Heaven”, her subtle way of description and her felicity of diction make you feel as if you are witnessing the events in front of you and not reading them. I recommend this book to all for reading it and enjoy the journey of a teacher who has prepared so many
lives for a decent human society. After reading it any reader will come to a conclusion that writer Krishna’s journey has taken a turn where she will portray a beautiful picture by mingling her imagination and real live experience together. In conclusion, I must say “The writing is adroitly brilliant, the tales are real and touch the heart, and these stories will bring joyfulness to any reader.”

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