RAILWAYS providing bottled water to Delhi Police personnel engaged in fighting coronavirus: Arrangements to continue till May 3

INDIAN  Railways with the help of Railway organizations like IRCTC, RPF, Zonal Railways, and others have worked tirelessly to keep alive the Railways’ commitment to fighting against the COVID in an integrated manner. Recently it has started to provide 10000 water bottles per day to the Delhi Police personnel who have been out on the streets on the war against COVID 19. Braving hot summers and trying conditions on the ground, these policemen have worked round the clock to not only ensure that lockdown is implemented as required but also accompany the doctors and paramedics in various locations in challenging circumstances. Supporting these frontline warriors like policemen are not only a mark of tribute to these tireless officials but is also a natural extension of ongoing efforts of Indian Railways to supplement the national efforts in combating COVID 19. Under this initiative, Indian Railway with the help of its PSU IRCTC has started free distribution of 10000 Rail Neer water bottles per day in New Delhi from 16.04.2020. These 10000 Railneer water bottles are of one liter each. They are picked up from the Railneer plant at Nangloi. It may be noted that Indian Railways is selflessly and voluntarily providing hot cooked meals to needy people after the lockdown due to COVID-19. Railways have been providing bulk cooked food with paper plates for lunch and food packets for dinner through IRCTC base kitchens, RPF resources, and contribution of NGOs. Distribution of free hot cooked meals by Indian Railways during the national lockdown due to COVID-19. (courtesy to TSG SUNDAY GUARDIAN Live for the picture)

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