REPEAL farm laws, says Rahul Gandhi

CONGRESS leader Rahul Gandhi today reiterated  his party’s oft-repeated demand for repealing  the three farm laws saying these intended to destroy the agriculture sector.  Releasing a booklet highlighting the hardships facing the farming community due to the legislations, he  alleged that the laws will put the entire agriculture sector in the hands of “three to four crony capitalists”. “I support the protesting farmers 100 per cent and every single person in the country should support them as they are fighting for us,” he said. There is just one solution that these three laws will have to repealed, Gandhi said when asked about the impasse in talks between the government and the protesting farmers. The  Congress MP elected from Kerala said  the farmers knew that it was Rahul Gandhi who stood up in Bhatta Parsaul and over the land acquisition issue  not any leader from  the ruling BJP  He said India has become a laughing stock with farmers of the country sitting on the roads in harsh winters  and the government  looking the other way. Withdrawal  of  the controversial farm laws is the only way out of the deadlock.  ‘’We are a laughing stock. We cannot give people jobs. Farmers are sitting on the roads in the cold and I do not understand why the Prime Minister feels this is something to be proud of. He is destroying the vision Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress painstakingly made for India. He is throwing that vision to the winds,” said Gandhi, calling upon youngsters to see the “tragedy unfolding in the country in the form of monopolies”.

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