It was a packed house at the ICCR last night when women achievers were recognised. While State Minister Sovandev Chattopadhyay spoke of “Kanyasree” and other programmes for women, I stressed in less than five minutes on some hard realities. The area of focus was, primarily, on women’s empowerment and the upliftment of the girl child. Sadly, in many parts of India, we seem to be in the Middle Ages. A girl child is generally subjected to an unthinkable “welcome” in so many areas across the Nation. Be it in Punjab or Tamil Nadu, ways and means are found to dispose of the infant girl. This is criminal, irrespective of whether it is the urban or the rural sector. But women have proved that they are no less than men. Why treat the girl child as a liability? Educate them with vengeance especially in the far-flung rural areas where poverty is hard to contend with. Efforts are being made to correct the situation. But the sooner, the better. Much more could have been written but some other time, perhaps. Written by Utpal Chatterjee, former Kolkata Sheriff. (Photos Courtesy: Runjhun Gupta)   

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