SEVERAL steps are taken to make India a self-reliant nation – ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT, says PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has empathized with the poor and daily wage earners saying they are among the worst affected during the lockdown necessitated to contain the Covid-19. As the nation is preparing to resume most of the normal activities during the 5th phase of lockdown till June 30, PM Modi says he does not find words to describe their sufferings. In his monthly ‘Mann KI Baat’ broadcast, PM Modi said on  Sunday, May 31, all classes of people have suffered during the pandemic but it is the poor who have suffered the worst. He added that flight services have resumed and industry too is returning to normalcy. He cautioned that there should be no laxity and people should maintain  ‘do gaj ki doori’, wear face masks and stay at home to the extent possible. After so many hardships, the country’s deft handling of the situation should not go in vain, he said and added that the fight against corona is a reflection of the resilience and collective efforts of the people. India faced unique challenges with a vast population, and yet Corona did not spread as fast as in the other parts of the world. The mortality rate of Corona is a lot less in the country. The Prime Minister hailed the spirit of service shown by the people and called it the biggest strength.  Sewa Paramo Dharma –  service is a joy in itself – is a way of life in India, he said. He cited the examples of KC Mohan of Tamil Nadu, Gautam Das of Agartala, Raju a Divyang from Pathankot, who went out of their way despite limited means to help others in this time of crisis. Numerous stories of the perseverance of women’s self-help groups are coming to the light from all corners of the country. The instances of innovation at this moment of the crisis have touched his heart. He gave the example of Rajendra Yadav of Nasik who devised a sanitization machine attached to his tractor. Many shopkeepers have installed big pipelines in their shops to adhere to the ‘do gaj ki doori’. He also stated how the work being done in the country’s labs on the Corona vaccine is being keenly observed by the world. Everyone is working to help them, he said, and highlighted the Indian Railways’ exercise to transport huge numbers of migrant workers to their homes and urged the people to remain extra vigilant to ensure that they are not infected by a coronavirus. .They should comply with the prescribed precautions like maintaining social distance and wearing masks as the economy gradually opens up. Railways and air traffic being resumed partially and the Indian economy is set to be scaled up in the coming days. “You need to be extra careful now.” To keep  Covid-19 at bay. The problem suffered by the poor during the crisis has been a reason for introspection and served lessons for future, he said adding it has underscored the pain of the country’s eastern region which has lagged behind other regions in development. The pandemic has hit every corner of the world and India is also not untouched by it. India has fared much better than many parts of the world in fighting the pandemic and also lauded innovative spirit and the sense of service shown by people in different parts of the country during this unprecedented crisis. (edited by PK Chakravarty)

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