SHASHI Tharoor welcomes privatisation of Trivandrum Airport

Reconsider handing Trivandrum airport to Adani Group: Kerala ...

MAVERIC Congress  MP Shashi Tharoor has hailed the government’s decision to privatise the  Trivandrum International Airport. It is being handed over to the Adani Group headed by Gujarat based Gautam Adani. Adani Enterprises Ltd has also taken over the Jaipur International Airport (JAL) and Gopinath Bodoloi International Airport at Guwahati for Operation, Management and Development for 50 years following declaration as to the successful bidder in a Global Competitive Bidding conducted by the Airports Authority of India. Shashi Tharoor, Lok Sabha Member from Thiruvanthapuram,  said on Saturday privatisation would help expand its potential and attract investors. The congress MP had faced flak not only from the Left parties but even from his own party for his stand favouring privatisation of the Trivandrum airport. “Dear @drthomasisaac, thanks4yr thoughtful criticism of my stand on TvmAirport. I think you miss the point, which is not about revenue. It is about expanding the potential of the airport to its fullest, thereby providing a better facility to businesses & locals & attracting investors,” Tharoor tweeted on Saturday in reply to a tweet by state Finance Minister Thomas Isaac. Isaac also from  Marxist ruled Kerala had earlier tweeted that Tharoor was “vocal for primitive accumulation of corporates in contemporary India.” “…Tharoor is so eloquent against the primitive accumulation of British in India but so vocal for primitive accumulation of corporates in contemporary India. When we have a successful model of CIAL in Kochi why does Tharoor consider Adani is indispensable for TVM? The Union Government says in a statement that the decision aims at bringing efficiency in service delivery, expertise, enterprise and professionalism apart from harnessing the needed investments in the public sector. Courtesy for the above picture to Livemint

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