SINO – India talks continue on LAC, says Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said dialogues to continue between India and China at military and diplomatic level to resolve the situation at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). All queries raised by the Opposition will be answered in Parliament. Addressing the party’s virtual Maharashtra Jan-Samvad Rally, the Minister said, it is India’s resolve to end this dispute at the earliest. The minister said the government will ensure that India’s pride is not affected as far as the situation along the Indo-China border is concerned. The talks that took place at the military level on June 6 were very positive and both the countries have agreed to continue with the dialogues to resolve the ongoing tussle. He said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and some opposition leaders had sought the government’s clarification on what is happening at the India-China border. Mr. Singh said that he wanted to assure people that leadership of the country is in strong hands and India will not compromise on its pride and self-respect. Rajnath Singh has urged political parties to set aside differences when the issue concerns the nation’s interests as speculation continues on the  LAC flare-up in Ladakh. (courtesy to HT for the picture)

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