“Swachhta Hi Seva” Abhiyan Launched By PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says Swachhata –cleanliness-is prerequisite for healthy life of citizens. In New Delhi on Saturday, he said September 15 is very historic in itself. Historically because today a new love, a new excitement, comes with a new dream. Today you, I am going to repeat the resolutions of 125 million people, cleanliness and service once again. From today to 2nd October i.e. the worship of Bapu Bapu, we will donate our country with all the new energy, new zeal with our zeal, our nation to clean and make our contribution. On Diwali, we see how clean the house has become. But when Diwali comes, the whole family takes the cleanliness of every corner of the house. Likewise, we must also keep making this nature of cleanliness every month, every year in every corner of the country. The campaign which started four years ago, the movement of cleanliness has now reached a crucial stage. With pride we can say that every section of the nation, every sect, every caste, my companions of every age are pushing this great campaign forward. The village, the street, the locks, the city, no one is untouched by this campaign. India’s coverage of cleanliness in 2014 was just 40 percent. Today, the result of all of you and your resolve is that the coverage of cleanliness has increased by more than 90 percent. Who would have thought that in the last four years, we will make progress in the coverage of cleanliness as it did in the nearly 60-65 years before that. Could someone think that there are nine million toilets in India in four years? Did anyone imagine that about four and a half million villages in the four years would be free from defecation in the four years. Did anyone imagine that more than 450 districts will be free from defecation in four years in four years. Did anyone imagine that 20 states and Union Territories could be free from defecation in four years? This is the strength of all the clean-handed people of India, all of you. The government can never change this level. Whether it is health or wealth, talk  of cleanliness is contributing a lot to the people’s life. World Health Organization, according to an estimate of the WHO, will play cleanliness in saving lives of three lakh people, and a study reveals that sanitary cases will reduce diarrhoea by 30 percent.But it will not be so, that India will be cleaned by building brothers and sisters only and only toilets. Providing toilet facilities, facilitating dustbins, and disposal of garbage disposal. All these arrangements are a medium. Cleanliness is a habit that needs to be included in the daily experience. It is a sacrifice to change in nature. In which the people of the country are giving you an active contribution in their own way.

My effort is to listen to your experiences related to Swachh Bharat Mission, learn something from you, and then we will all work together. Today, we will get an opportunity to go to different corners of India. There will be an opportunity to meet the information of the efforts being made there.

I want to say to the countrymen once again today that we have seen, heard, heard and experienced the dedication and dedication of clean holders across the country, what is unprecedented support.About two-and-a-half hours of the great dignitaries of the country, thus participating in this work, listening to their experiences, we have come to the fore, how in every corner of India, hundreds of millions of people This movement is presented today in front of the whole world. The world is watching.

Whenever it will be read about this mass movement in the future, you will be taught the name of all the clean-minded people with golden letters. The way the martyrs giving life for freedom are seen today with respect and dignity, your contribution will be remembered as the true heir of Pujya Bapu with the same respect and honor, that is my belief. Because you have become a fighter to save the nation’s new-building, poor, weak lives and restore the country’s reputation to the world. The power of hundred and fifty million is infinite, it is infinite, our enthusiasm is on the rise. Our belief is at the peak and our resolve is for accomplishment. All of you are ready and willing to work. Very good luck to all of you, I just depart from you because I have to join you in this work of Shramdan somewhere.


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