YOGA Is Not Only A Health Insurance But Also Unites Nations: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday led the nation in observing 4th International Yoga Day by performed the ancient art of living with over 50,000 enthusiasts at the Forest Research Institute campus in Deharadun.Speaking on the  occasion , PM Modi said the Indian physical  exercise combined  both  body and soul to resolve multiple ailments if properly practiced. It has emerged as the most powerful unifying force in the world. Modi said yoga has shown the world the way from “illness to wellness” and enriching lives across the globe.He said in fact yoga has become the biggest mass movement across the globe in the quest for good health and well-being, which is crucial to the creation of a peaceful world. Healthy people with healthy minds are assets to their motherlands, he added.”Dehradun to Dublin, Shanghai to Chicago, Jakarta to Johannesburg, Himalayan highlands or sunburnt deserts, Yoga is enriching millions of lives all over the world.”Yoga, which can be practiced regularly , fosters amity in societies which can form the basis of national unity,” the prime minister said.He said the proposal for the Yoga Day at the UN was accepted in record time with a majority of nations supporting it.Today people all over the world have come to look upon yoga as something which belongs to them, Modi said.He also asked people to learn to honour their own legacy and heritage if they wanted the rest of the world to respect them.”If we don’t take pride in our own legacy and heritage no one else will. We should not hesitate in honouring the gems of our own heritage.He said the way to lead a calm, creative and content life was Yoga.”In Yoga, we have the perfect solution to the problems we face, either as individuals or in our society,” the prime minister said.”Instead of dividing, yoga unites. Instead of further animosity, yoga assimilates. Instead of increasing suffering, yoga heals,” he said. yoga presents a ray of hope for future of the world.”Yoga is beautiful because it is ancient yet modern, it is constant yet evolving,” he said.”India’s legacy of which yoga is a significant part is unique and rich. We must take pride in it,” the prime minister said, adding that it has the power to promote universal brotherhood as it unites and assimilates instead of dividing.”From Tokyo to Toronto from Stockholm to Sao Paulo yoga has become a positive influence in the lives of millions of people to embrace yoga not just for a healthy but happy and peaceful life.The growing popularity of yoga across the globe has brought India closer to the world and this position is going to get strengthened in times to come, he said.

The prime minister had arrived here last night to participate in the main event on the International Yoga Day.Elaborate security arrangements were made and nearly 3,000 security personnel deployed in and around the venue.Modi arrived at the FRI at around 6.30 am and addressed the people before performing asanas with them.The prime minister had earlier participated in yoga celebrations at Rajpath in New Delhi in 2015, the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh in 2016, and the Ramabai Ambedkar Sabha Sthal in Lucknow in 2017.  Greeting yoga enthusiasts across the world, the prime minister said on Wednesday that this exercise is one of the most precious gifts given by the ancient Indian sages to humankind.“Yoga is not just a set of exercises that keeps the body fit. It is a passport to health assurance, a key to fitness and wellness. Nor is Yoga only what you practice in the morning. Doing your day-to-day activities with diligence and complete awareness is a form of Yoga as well,” a statement quoting Modi had said. It’s no less than our good fortune that all of us have gathered at the Devbhumi on the Yoga Day. It is also the land of mother Ganga where four holy shrines are located, the land which was visited by Adi Shankaracharya and where Swami Vivekananda also came several times. Even otherwise, Uttarakhand has been the main centre for Yoga for several decades. These mountains of Uttarakhand spontaneously inspire us for Yoga and Ayurveda .Even a common man gets a unique diving feeling when he visits this place. There is an incredible spirit, vibrations and magnetic power in this holy land. It’s a matter of pride for all Indians that today as the rising sun will progress on its journey, as the sunrays will reach the earth and light is spread, in all those places people will welcome the sun with Yoga. From Dehradun to Dublin, from Shanghai to Chicago, from Jakarta to Johannesburg, everywhere, there is Yoga all around. Whether it is thousands of feet high mountains of Himalaya or be it desert area singed by sunlight, Yoga is flourishing the life in every situation. When divisive powers gain prominence then it leads to disintegration. It leads to division among the people, division among the societies and division among the countries. When there is a division in the society then it leads to discord within the family and the person breaks down from inside and tension in life continues to grow. Yoga helps to maintain balance amidst this disintegration. It does the job of uniting us. Yoga brings about peace in this modern fast paced life by combining the body, mind, spirit and soul. It brings about peace in the family by uniting the person with the family. It brings about a harmony in the society by making the family sensitive towards society. Societies become the links for national integration. Yoga unites individuals, families, societies, countries and the world and it unites the entire humanity. When the proposal for Yoga Day was moved in the United Nations then it is a record in the United Nations that this was the first such motion that was co-sponsored by the maximum number of countries in the world. And this was the first such proposal in the history of United Nations which was approved in the least time. And today every citizen of the world, every country of the world considers Yoga as its own and it is an important message for the people of India that we are the inheritors of that great legacy, that we have preserved the legacy of that great tradition, PM Modi said.“If we start taking pride in our legacy and if we abandon those things which are out of sync with the time, and that kind of thing doesn’t last either. However, what is appropriate as per the time and which is useful in making of the future, if we take pride in our great legacy of this kind then the world too will never hesitate in taking pride in that. But if we don’t have any trust in our own strength and capabilities then no one will accept it. If a family itself continues to demoralise a child in the family and if that family expects that the kid will be respected in the locality then it is not possible. When parents, when family, when brothers and sisters, all of them accept a child as it is only then the neighbours also start accepting the child.” Yoga has proved this thing that as India has once again attached itself to the power of Yoga, similarly, the world too has started attaching itself with the Yoga. Yoga has become one of the most powerful unifying forces in the world. Friends, the world has embraced Yoga and glimpses of this can be seen in the manner in which International Day of Yoga has been marked every year. Yoga not only provides relief to our bodies but it can also reverse those molecular reactions taking place in our DNA that cause illness and depression. We can protect ourselves from several diseases in addition to having a good heath if we daily practice the poses and breathing exercise of Yoga. Regular practice of Yoga has a direct bearing on the medical expenses of any family. It is essential for us to stay healthy to join in the every activity; every process of the nation building and Yoga certainly has a big role in this thing too. Therefore, today, I urge you people that those who have been practicing Yoga please make it regular, and those who could not start doing Yoga so far they must make an effort once. The increasing spread of Yoga has brought the world to India and India to the world even closer. The position that Yoga has got in the world due to constant efforts made by us that position will be further strengthened with the time. It is our responsibility to further develop the understanding about Yoga for a healthy and happy humanity. Please come forward; let us further intensify our efforts by keeping our responsibility in the mind.PM added.

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