To, The Editor, (News Portal)

This is regarding a report published in Times Of India “SC deplores harassment of scribes with multiple FIRs” by Amit Anand Choudhary on 20 May, 20 (Kolkata), quite clearly states that Filing of dozen FIRs by the same group of people in different High Courts for similar charges tantamount to harassment  However the report omitted the fact that functionaries of Congress filed the FIRs and their names , and it was against news  anchor Arnab Goswami .

We noticed a very brief 4/5 line single column news of the death of three persons by the mob in Palghar Maharashtra in some Dailies in mid-April. On 20 April Republic TV brought the story. That on 16 April two Hindu monks of Varanasi Akhra, named Chekhani Maharaj Kalpabrikha Giri, 70 and Giri Swami,35 and their driver Nilesh 35 was lynched to death by the mob. Swamiji entreated the police officer to save them, who literally handed them over to the mob and remained with the police contingent as a mute spectator to the murder.Your editorial “Palghar Horror “on 22 April 20 preferred even not to print the names and identities of sannyasi victims and dealt not much about them, but mostly about the general state of security in India. Attack on fearless journalist Arnab Goswami and his wife by Youth Congress leaders also was neglected in print media.

Report on SC deliberations, I was surprised to find it only in your paper. Thanks for the coverage.

Question arises. The media acts in an extreme biased manner on the positioning of news or censoring. Is it a censor of mutual convenience or a self-censor for benefit?

Or a censor to keep the public passion at bay, even denying the Truth only on the presumption that the naked Truth may have unwelcome consequences. In mid-April a couple of days after the Palghar lynching, two Hindu seers were beaten to death in the U.P, which also did not deserve more than several lines in the Dailies of India. On May 25 in Nanded, Maharashtra a sadhu Shivcharia Pashupatinath 33, and his assistant were murdered in their abode. Mostly censored by India’s own press.

However a very interesting story. It shows the set-up of the Hindu mind. One local Muhammed Auklak of UP was lynched to death by a mob in 2015 on the baseless charge of carrying contraband beef. Indian media were justly vocal against mob-act. New York Times reported the news of a murder in “Hindu India” with usual condemnation. Even at the death anniversary of Mohammed Auklakh NY Times printed a remembrance. The lynching of the minority in India gets full cover ten thousand miles away   But mob-lynchings or torments subjected to Hindus in Bangladesh or India considered not Fit to Print in NYT /West media as well even in India media. Not even when monks are the victims. The double murder on May 25 hardly mattered. India’s own Media work this way. So the West has India’s own media to authenticate them. The practice of censor of news tormenting Hindus works as a double-edged sword against India and Hindus in India and abroad. The double whammy is when minority inflicting is super-flashed.

Such reports work to target India in various Forums – United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, USCIRF, in Agencies of United Nations, in the platforms of Human Rights Organisations. Even after PM Narendra Modi’s unprecedented headway for India in the international theatre of power, it is so difficult to bring a rapid change in perception. The amiable acquiesce nature of Hindus abroad does not help. Media bias is a problem. A case in point, Jammu & Kashmir. Ancestral land – Hindus are living for generations for thousands of years, where others settled only several centuries back  As recent as in 1990 devilish acts of murder, bloodbath, rape, arson, eviction destruction killed thousands and cleansed Hindus and Sikhs totaling close to five lakhs. In their own secular India, about four lakhs of majority of people are still languishing now in camps in other states. The world does not know. Not even our own people know much. Our own Media self-censor in reality harms India, blemishes Hindus instead of appreciation of open liberty the minority’s enjoy even to convert the members of majority.

The media manipulated the same way in Telenipara, Bhadreswar Uluberia West Bengal just a few days back. One is taken aback that USCIRF cites India where Muslims are now about 16% from 8% of 1947 but no citation on Pakistan and Bangladesh where Hindus and Sikhs are now about 1% and 7% from 20% and 29%. It is ironic when one from a raw theocracy talks to me of a lack of secular exercise in India.

It is already late for the media to start to flash the Truthful factual reporting. No bias.No censor. No cover-up on the pretext of curbing passion to incite flare-up violence. Holiday from political correctness. Whole Truth will shut down the windows of Fake news and Agendas. Readers will care less on social media and repose more Trust on Media.

The majority and minority have to learn to live with their own fair conduct to all to face fair reporting in the media of  New India. Only whole Truth.

Thank you Pabitra Chaudhuri Brooklyn, New York 11218 Email: Sr.V.P. Indian American Intellectual Forum Inc. New York.

(The above is an open letter to the Editor on the above context from a reader).

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