73rd Anniversary of J&K’s accession with India observed

Maharaja Hari Singh was wronged by his own family members: Jitendra Singh

 BJP celebrated the 73rd Accession Day of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India on Monday across the Union Territory. J and K BJP President Ravinder  Raina along with other senior leaders paid tributes to Maharaja Hari Singh at the park named before the late king in Jammu.  The J&K Accession Celebration Committee organized an event at Press Club in  Jammu today in the presence of several senior political and social leaders. They paid tributes to the then  Maharaja Hari Singh who had signed the Instrument of Accession of J&K on October 26, 1947, on the accession document which was brought by  V.P. Menon, the then Secretary in Government of India under Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Deputy Prime Minister. Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession offering three subjects to India which included Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communications etc.  V.P. Menon carried the letter of accession with him and flew back to Delhi  Menon met Lord Mountbatten, the then Governor-General of India, on October 27, 1947, the day the Governor-General signed the Instrument of Accession. Thus Accession Day of J&K including Ladakh is recorded in the history of Accession, October 27, 1947, says senior Supreme Court Advocate and ex-MLA from Jammu and Kashmir Bhim Singh in a statement. The Indian Army took the first flight in a Dakota plane after the accession was approved by the Governor-General on October 27 itself. The Indian Army took over the defence demand from JAK Army serving under Maharaja Hari Singh. Brig. Rajendra Singh who was heading the JAK Army to defend J&K from the invaders who had managed to reach Baramullah martyred himself while fighting the invaders with several JAK Army defenders the day on the evening of October 25, 1947. JAK Army under the command of Brig. Rajender Singh had stopped the invaders at Baramullah-Uri borders.

The Indian Army reached Baramullah by October 26, 1947, and liberated a lot of territory of J&K including Uri from Pak-invaders. Prof.Bhim Singh said it was Brig. Rajender Singh who had played a heroic role to defend J&K with over 100 Dogra soldiers at the borders. It was Brig. Rajender Singh who made the accession of J&K with India possible. He urged the President of India to award Bharat Ratna and highest defence award to Brig. Rajender Singh who has made possible for India to hoist the tri-colour flag in Kashmir today also. Prof.Bhim Singh also reminded that J&K had acceded in respect of three subjects as other 565 princes/rulers of other states had acceded to India. But it was a grave tragedy that the Constituent Assembly of India in 1949 did not include the Instrument of Accession of J&K with other 565 princes by accession when the Constitution of India was declared on January 26, 1950. He said that 90% people in the country do not know that J&K Maharaja Hari Singh was asked by the Government of India to continue as Maharaja though he had been forced to migrate from J&K in 1948. Till Maharaja Hari Singh continued as a Maharaja and his son Karan Singh was accepted by the GOI as Yuvraj Karan Singh till 1952. Prof. Bhim Singh made several important disclosures on the history of Accession of J&K with the Union of India and the failure of Indian Govt. and the Parliament to convert Instrument of Accession as accepted. It was not only one party responsible for the miseries and the problems of J&K. The Congress, Janata Party and BJP all ruled India one after the other but not a single political ruling party in India cared to approve the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja. The people of J&K had raised the Indian Flag in 1947 under the leadership of Sheikh Abdullah at that time. It was the ruling parties who ruled India one after the other but nobody cared even to pass a resolution in the Parliament expressly declaring the jurisdiction of Parliament vis-à-vis J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh said that even on August 5, 2019, when Article 370 was amended by the Parliament there is no mention whether Instrument of Accession approved by the Governor-General has been finally accepted in full. There is no mention that Parliament from that day was competent to make laws in respect of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communications as the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh stands fully endorsed by the Parliament in its constitutional power as the Constituent Assembly of India to approve the Instrument of Accession as  Parliament has done in respect of other 565 states.  Prof.Bhim Singh urged the President of India to direct the Parliament to take the issue of annexation of J&K with the Union of India while approving the Instrument of Accession in its capacity as the Constituent Assembly. This shall clear all difficulties and clear constitutional issues regarding J&K Accession with the Union of India. Prof.Bhim Singh also admired the residents of J&K and Ladakh to strengthen brotherhood and looking after all defenders of the state.

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