BHRASTACHARI No 1 : EC Says No MCC Violation By PM Modi On His Remark On Rajiv Gandhi

THE Election Commission of India  has  dismissed the allegation  lodged by the INC  that  Prime Minister  Narendra Modi violated  the Model Code of Conduct   by calling  former PM  Rajiv Gandhi Corrupt number 1 at an election  rally in Uttar Pradesh. Senior Congress leaders including Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Rajiv Shukla and Salman Khurshid had met ECI officials in its headquarters on May 6 and apprised the poll panel of their objection to the statement made by Prime Minister Modi against former PM Rajiv Gandhi. After going through the complaint, The Election Commission of India on Tuesday gave clean chit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his ‘Bhrashtachari No 1′ remark against former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.”The speech mentioned in this complaint has been examined with a view to identifying instances of violation of the Model Code of Conduct. Prima facie, we did not figure out any literal violation of MCC as given in the Election Commission of India instructions. The case is, therefore, disposed of,” said ECI sources. Meanwhile, in West Bengal ,BJP’s National President Amit Shah has said  people of India  will   declare  who is  immortal  warrior  Arjuna  and who can be compared  with   Duryodhana when  the results of the ongoing  Lok Sabha  poll will  be declared  on May 23.Refuting the  allegation  made by INC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi that Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  would meet his dooms day because of arrogance like Duryodhana in the famed Mahabharata War, Shah told it was for the people  to identify  who can be called  Arjuna  and Duryodhana through the ongoing  L S elections. Adressing an election rally at Belda in WB’s West Mindapore district, he defended the PM for calling assassinated PM Rajiv Gandhi corrupt.  PM  Modi  reminded INC President  Rahul Gandhi saying   “Your father’s life ended as ‘Corrupt No.1’.There was nothing wrong  in the comment  Amit Shah said”. Shah contended that the Congress and its allies also insulted PM Modi more than 50 times.” I heard that Just now Priyanka Gandhi compared Modiji with Duryodhana. Priyankaji, the people of the country will decide on May 23 who is Duryodhana and who Arjuna is. You do not need to be restless. Let the result on May 23 come. The people of the country will say then whether Modiji is Duryodhana or Arjuna.”Rallying support behind Modi who has been in the eye of storm for his comments on the late PM the BJP chief observed, “Modiji recently said that Bofors scam took place during the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi as the PM. What wrong did he say? Rahul Gandhi should tell the people whether Bofors scam, Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Shanti Sena Blunder and the Kashmiri Pandits’ slaughter indeed happened during his father’s rule or not.”He alleged, “Don’t the citizens of the country know it? Rahul Baba claims that his father was insulted. Is reminding the truth really an insult? The Congress and its allies hurled abuses on Modiji at least 51 times. Pawan Kheda of Congress compared him with Osama. Vijaya Shanti called him a terrorist.

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