DUJ Demands Immediate Vaccination for Media Workers

The Delhi Union of Journalists commemorated World Press Freedom Day, by remembering the 173 plus journalists who have lost their lives to the Covid 19 virus and other complications. Their voices were silenced by a cruel disease and by governments indifferent to their plight. Media unions and organisations representing journalists have over the past year repeatedly requested that they be treated as frontline workers but this demand has been ignored. The belated setting up of a fund here and there for bereaved families is too little, too late.
The demand of the Delhi Union of Journalists that all media workers nationwide, irrespective of age, be given vaccination on priority has been ignored. So have similar demands by other bodies. Media workers continue to place themselves at risk by reporting from the field during the pandemic,
be it from election rallies, hospitals, oxygen centres or crematoria. It is urgent that they be tested and vaccinated. Many are currently fighting for their lives in hospitals or in their homes in the shocking absence of hospital beds. There are deep pitfalls in our struggle for free speech and expression that we have highlighted on several occasions but the gravest danger now comes from the pandemic.
The DUJ made a strong appeal once again that the risks to the lives of media workers be minimised by giving them vaccines immediately.

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