Editors Guild Expresses Concern For Women Journalists

The Editors Guild of India recently issued a press statement expressing deep concern about the online harassment and targeting of women journalists. Amongst other instances, the statement had also referred to a series of reports carried by the Wire on an app called the Tek Fog. Since the Wire has removed those stories as part of their internal review following serious questions on the veracity of their reporting, the Guild also withdrew the references made to all those reports.

However, the Guild reiterated that online trolling of women journalists remains an important issue, and that better safeguards need to be put in place, including a strong and effective complaints and redressal system for the victims.

The Guild through the statement mentioned that it is also disturbed by the recent turn of events with respect to the reports published by the Wire on Meta. According to the statement the Guild is conscious of and emphasized the need for extra care in investigative journalism. It urged newsrooms to resist the temptation of moving fast on sensitive stories, circumventing due journalistic norms and checks.

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