Govt offers talks with ANNADATAS : Narendra Singh Tomar

As farmers from Punjab and Haryana insisted on demonstrating in the national capital against the amended farm laws and being resisted by the authorities, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has said the government is ready to hold talks with farmers and discuss their issues. Talking to media, the Minister said, the new farm laws were the need of the hour and are going to bring revolutionary changes in the future. He appealed to the protesting farmers to not agitate. Govt has invited farmers for talks on 3rd December and expressed hope that the dialogue will have a positive result. Meanwhile, on Friday, November 27 after camping overnight near Delhi, farmers, who are on their way to the national capital for the ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest march against Centre’s farm laws, clashed again with the police at Tikri border near Delhi-Bahadurgarh Highway. Visuals on the clashes between farmers and police show scores of protesters trying to wade through the heavy security deployed, removing barricades and forcing their way ahead in a bid to reach Delhi, reported ANI. Farmers being supported Congress ruled Punjab, faced water cannon and tear gas shells used to disperse them at Shambu border, near Ambala in Haryana. Groups of farmers, walking with tractors carrying stocks of food and essential supplies, tried to enter Delhi from multiple points, defying barricades, many wrapped in barbed wire. To stop their progress, the Haryana police has dug trenches at various crossing points.

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