ON 12th Anniversary of 26/11, US says ‘’Standing With India In Anti-Terror Fight’’

Taj Mahal Hotel, 26/11 mumbai terror attack

AS India and Israel on Thursday paid tributes to the victims in terror attacks on November 26 November 12 years ago in Mumbai by terrorists,  the United States has said that it is standing alongside India in the fight against terrorism and affirmed its commitment to holding the perpetrators of the attack accountable and ensuring justice for the victims. US State Department Deputy Spokesperson, Cale Brown said: “November 26 marks the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. Through the Rewards for Justice program, we seek to ensure that all those responsible for this heinous attack face justice. “Ten terrorists trained by the Pakistan-based terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) carried out a series of coordinated attacks against multiple targets including the Taj Mahal hotel, the Oberoi hotel, the Leopold Cafe, the Nariman (Chabad) House, and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station, killing 166 people. The US reaffirms its commitment to holding the perpetrators accountable and ensuring justice for the victims, including six Americans. Standing alongside our Indian partners, we remain resolute in the fight against terrorism,” the US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs of state department tweeted. In these gruesome attacks, nine terrorists were killed and the lone survivor, Ajmal Amir Kasab, was caught and was sentenced to death at Yerawada Central Jail in Pune in 2012. On November 11, 2012, Kasab was hanged in Yerawada Jail in Pune. Pakistani continues to be in denial about the culpability and yet to take action on the multiple dossiers shared by India. A trial underway in a Pakistani anti-terrorism court against seven suspects has made little headway in more than a decade, as Pakistani officials serially question the sufficiency and legitimacy of evidence against them. The 10 Pakistani terrorists who came from the sea targeted the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station, Nariman House complex, Leopold Cafe, Taj Hotel and Tower, the Oberoi-Trident Hotel and Cama Hospital among other prime locations in South Mumbai. When the mayhem ended after three days, some 190 people were dead and hundreds of others wounded. Ten terrorists of Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) carried out 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai. The victims included six Jews at the Chabad House and over 300 others were injured in the attacks. Israelis in Eilat have requested that a memorial square be built for the victims of the Mumbai attacks. image courtesy to PTI.edited by @chakravartypk

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