GRASSROOTS Workers Are With Us: WB BJP President Sukanta

Amidst defections from the saffron party, Dr Sukanta Kumar Majumdar aged 41  elected to the Lok Sabha from Balurghat in North Bengal,  has taken over as Bengal BJP President from Dilip Ghosh,  MP, before the expiry of his term. Ghosh, a grassroots worker and a dedicated RSS volunteer is moved to Delhi as BJP’s National Vice President. Sukanta Majumdar, a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of North Bengal and Assistant Professor in Gaur University, says his party is for unified West Bengal comprising both North and South Bengal. Majumdar is also from RSS and has a good working relationship with everyone. The party intends to go back to the basics with his appointment and is sending a message of puritanism, said a BJP watcher. Majumdar on Monday told the media, “I want to strengthen the party and its organisation. I want to take it forward from where Dilip Ghosh left it, he added expressing no concern over some MLAs and an MP  jumping to the ruling junta. Dilip Ghosh  is one of the most successful state presidents of BJP.” I have taken charge at a challenging time”, Majumdar said., “I feel that our booth-level workers and supporters are crucial. MLAs are important, too, but none of our workers and supporters have left us.” The party’s priority is also economically underdeveloped  North Bengal after it fared better in the region in the polls compared to south Bengal. “While Dilip  Ghosh, 57, MP  from Midnapur,  and Leader of Opposition in Assembly Suvendu Adhikari aged 50  are from south Bengal, Sukanta is from north Bengal. The party is maintaining a balance,” a senior leader told media. To remove the feelings of discrimination among those residing in North Bengal, two BJP MPs have been appointed as central Ministers and another two MPs from South Bengal. We are for balanced socio-economic development of all the regions, he added. Edited by PK Chakravarty

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