IN Delhi, Public transport allowed with riders, e-commerce outlets permitted to home deliver non-essential goods during the lockdown

E-commerce companies will be allowed to deliver all goods, including those considered non-essential. However, hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, malls, swimming pools, gyms will continue to remain shut till May 31. Barber shops, spas and salons will remain closed in the Union Territory of Delhi and stepping out of homes between 7 pm and 7 am, except for essential services, will be prohibited during the 4th phase of the nationwide lockdown till May 31. Taxis and cabs will be allowed but with only two passengers at a time in a car, said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Private offices can open at full strength, but “they should try that most of the staff works from home”. “Markets can open but shops will open on an odd-even basis. Sports complexes and stadiums can open but without spectators,” he added. “Construction activities are allowed in the UT but only with labourers who are in Delhi right now. Private offices, even those inside shopping malls, can work with up to 50% of staff. Inter-district buses will be allowed from May 21. Auto-rickshaws can operate from May 27 but with only 2 passengers at a time. Carpooling or car-sharing will not be allowed for aggregators. Auto-rickshaws, e-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws will be allowed but only with 1 passenger. For two-wheelers, pillion riders will not be allowed. There will be no activity allowed in containment zones, said  Arvind Kejriwal. Coronavirus will not disappear over the next months. As I have said earlier, we have to learn to live with, coexist with the coronavirus,”  Kejriwal said. The lockdown cannot last indefinitely; we have to now think about and proceed with, restarting our economic activity.” The metro will not be operational. “Political, religious, social gatherings will not be allowed. Citizens above 65, pregnant women, children below ten are advised to remain indoors. (Edited by PK Chakravarty)

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