India, Israel make significant progress in developing technology for rapid testing of ncoronavirus

An important stage in the joint research between India and Israel for rapid testing for Covid-19 was successfully completed with the departure of the Israeli research delegation from DRDD, Ministry of Defense, accompanied by scientists from Israeli Ministry of Health. The data collected in India will be corroborated with samples collected in Israel to find an effective diagnostic solution and help both countries in tackling the ongoing pandemic. The joint research group has managed to collect over 20,000 tests from patients within nine days.

Speaking on the successful collaboration between the teams Ron Malka, Ambassador of Israel to India said, “We look forward to future research collaborations between Israel and India with the best leading scientists in both countries, and in various fields of endeavor. This cooperation against the coronavirus as well as collaboration in other areas can bring good news to India and Israel as well as to the whole world. The relations between India and Israel continue to strengthen even under this global pandemic. Over the next few weeks, the researchers will know if they have been successful in their quest for reliable rapid tests for the virus, that will allow societies and economies to function until a vaccine is found, Ron Malka said.

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