INDIAN traders launch Boycott CHINESE GOODS CAMPAIGN initiated by CAIT

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT)  has said that the seven crore traders of India stand in solidarity with the Ladakh based educational reformer and visionary Sonam Wangchuk who has urged countrymen to boycott Chinese goods and hurt China with “Wallet Power” apart from “bullet power”. The CAIT while extending its unflinching support to the campaign has said that it has identified about 3,000 products which were being imported from China so far and the CAIT will now run a national campaign to boycott imports of these products from China rather more emphasis will be laid on the usage of indigenous products by the people of India.

The CAIT said that upcoming Diwali this year will be a “Hindustani Diwali”  in its true letter and spirit. The CAIT campaign for boycott Chinese goods will strengthen the clarion call of Prime Minister  Narendra Modi for “Local Pe Vocal”. AIT President BC Bhartia and Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal have in a statement the CAIT has been running a nationwide campaign among Indian traders for the last five years to boycott Chinese goods as much as possible and start selling Indian goods. Even last year after the Pulwama Attack when China was supporting Pakistan, the CAIT launched a nationwide successful agitation to burn Chinese goods on the festival of Holi across 200 cities of India. When  Sonam Wangchuk has made a fresh appeal due to the frequent aggression by the Chinese on the borders of Ladakh, “the whole country understands the importance of hurting China economically and therefore we wholeheartedly welcome this great initiative and will stand shoulder to shoulder with Sonam Wangchuk”-said the two leaders. Both  Bhartia &  Khandelwal said that India has mainly three types of imports from China i.e. finished goods, raw material & spare parts for the assembly of finished goods in India. In the first phase, the CAIT has identified about 3,000 categories of heavily imported finished Chinese products which must immediately be replaced by Indian products as good quality Indian replacements are available for such products. They said that CAIT will educate all traders and the people across the country to stop importing and selling these products. Soon after more products will be verified and added to the list. However, the CAIT has also appealed to Indian manufacturers to get their acts together and gear up to shoulder the responsibility. The role of Indian manufacturers is very significant to successfully run this campaign because at no point of time should there be any shortage of products in the market and the consumers of India should not suffer due to such scarcity. The CAIT has assured full support to Indian manufacturers to work closely to promote Indian products and urge sellers to work more with Indian manufacturers. Both leaders have also urged the Govt to further promote the “Make In India” campaign and ensure Ease of Doing Business through the “Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission”. The CAIT firmly stands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and will wholeheartedly promote the “ Vocal for Local” initiative taken by the PM which will not only add a lot of impetus to BOYCOTT CHINESE GOODS  campaign but also pave the way to a 5 Trillion economy, CAIT added.

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