MOVIE Buffs Lap Up Prosenjit Starrer & Kaushik Ganguly Directed Kishore Kumar Junior

KISHORE Kumar Junior is the latest Bangla movie made by acclaimed film maker Kaushik Ganguly. It should not be confused to be a biopic on Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa born Kishore Kumar  Ganguly (1929-1987) who remains immortal as an iconic playback singer—actor and lyricist of Bollywood and  some  Bangla movies. Nor is it a biographical movie on Goutam Ghosh who became popular in Bengal in 80s and 90s impersonating Kishore Kumar’s voice and singing his hit numbers to enthral people. Kaushik Ganguly, 50, however, admits that he knows Goutam, who is now a TMC politician. The film shares some of the experiences of Goutam as a singer.  

Viewers say Kishore Kumar Junior (KKJ) is “replete with the legend’s hit numbers and then garnished with Bengali’s natural love for food and melodrama. With its old melodies and retro touches, KKJ evokes a certain amount of nostalgia and hence, it can very well be a Puja watch”as opines a scribe. Kishore Kumar’s fans will be delighted to sit through the KKJ as Kishore’s songs is the bedrock of the long awaited movie. Film goers  may not  be  bothered about the storyline .They  are  compensated by his songs which still  remain  everlasting . Combination of the national award winning film maker and Bengal’s ever- green versatile actor Prosenjit has made the Durga puja release a worth watching movie. In KKJ, the name of the main character is Rajat Ghosh. Prosenjit Chatterjee plays the title role creditably. Rajat Ghosh is an immensely popular version artist called Kishore konthi by his innumerable admirers. He is alcoholic. He travels across West Bengal for shows and loses all his sanity and civility after consuming country made alcohols.  Rita played by Aparajita Adhya is his onscreen spouse.  She has no option but to live with the singer despite his addition to liquor and uncivilized manners very often. However, their son Rishi  played by newcomer Ritobroto cannot  stand his biological father for his drunken behaviour .Amidst the stand- off between son and father, the singer’s  life turns a new leaf with the invitation by the government of India to perform at India –Pakistan border villages  in Rajasthan, far away from his native place. He was assigned to build amity between the two nations through cultural events. However, he seems to be ill-starred. Soon after he along with his wife and the team lands at Jaisalmer airport, they are taken to hostage by a group of terrorists. The story relates how he succeeds in convincing the terrorists through his broken Hindi to free himself, his wife and his teammates. Issues like communal divide, tough life of singers, border issues and the psyche of a terrorist are highlighted in the movie. Some scribes question the justification of Kishore Kumar Junior and his wife’s effort to try to persuade the terrorist at the cost of taking valuable screen time. Notwithstanding a unique storyline, the script is not deftly penned. In addition to Kishore Kumar’s songs, impressive collective acting plus humorous incidents impress the audience. It is overall acting skills which make KKJ a big draw. Moviegoers rediscover Prosenjit in a reincarnation .KKJ is aware that he lacks originality. He imitates the voice of Bollywood’s Kishore Kumar for living and is famed. Is it the reason he drowns himself in country- made liquors?  Aparajita is spontaneous as ever as wife of KKJ. Ritobroto Mukherjee as Rishi has done justice to the assignment given to him. Thanks to Kaushik Ganguly for introducing a talented artist like Ritobroto. Masood Akhter as Toufiq, the leader of the abductors, and Rajesh Sharma as Firoz, an emotional, Kishore Kumar fan, as members of the gang, are impressive. Lama Halder as KKJ’s trusted Man Friday has also done well, say some Prosenjit fans. It is audience who applaud films not bothering about views expressed by the critics. Social media reveals audience has lapped up KKJ.Director:

Kaushik Ganguly


Kaushik Ganguly (story and screenplay)


Aparajita AdhyaMasood AkhtarPrasenjit Chatterjee |See full cast & crew »

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Kaushik Ganguly …       (story and screenplay) Cast

Aparajita Adhya  Aparajita Adhya

Masood Akhtar   Masood Akhtar

Prasenjit Chatterjee     Prasenjit Chatterjee

Ritobroto Mukherjee   Ritobroto Mukherjee

Rajesh Sharma    Rajesh Sharma

Produced by Namrata Datta          …       associate producer Music by

Indraadip Dasgupta     Cinematography by

Goopi Bhagat      …       (as Gopi Bhagat) Film Editing by

Subhajit Singha  Production Design by

Tanmoy Chakraborty   Sound Department

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