PM Modi Asks Opposition To Prove That He Takes Advantage Of His Caste and Amasses Wealth

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday challenged the Opposition to prove if he had amassed any assets or kept money in any foreign bank and has taken advantage of his OBC status. Addressing an election meeting in Eastern Uttar Pradesh’s   Balia district, the birth place of Mangal Pandey, the hero of the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny which later culminated into Independence War, Modi said: “I throw an open challenge to these ‘mahamilavati’ meaning highly-adulterated people to show if I have any benami property, farmhouse, shopping complex or money in any foreign bank, or whether I have purchased any property abroad or bought a luxury car.This region including Varanasi will go to polls in the seventh and last phase of the Lok Sabha elections on Sunday, May 19. “The people will give a befitting reply through votes to the abuses hurled at me by these ‘mahamilavati’ parties,” Modi said. “These ‘mahamilavati’ people dabble in caste politics and replenish their coffers, build bungalows and palaces for themselves and their relatives.”Everybody knows the policies of the Bahujan Samajwadi Party and Samajwadi Party are based on castes-these are caste based parties, he added. Meanwhile, The Election Commission of India is trying to conduct    free and fair polling for the last phase of polling in 59 Parliamentary constituencies spread over  eight states on Sunday, May 19..The  59 Lok Sabha constituencies are in Bihar (8 parliamentary constituencies), Jharkhand (3), Madhya Pradesh (8), Punjab (13), West Bengal (9), Chandigarh (1), Uttar Pradesh (13) and Himachal Pradesh (4).

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