RAFALES, multi-roller, most lethal combat aircraft, arrive in India


WITH two hostile and unpredictable neighbours, India on Wednesday, July 29 received long awaited 4-5 generation  first batch of the  36 Rafale combat aircraft ordered by GOI.The deal for the purchase of  the  36 aircraft is  59 ,000 crore .These are manufactured by  France  based Dassault Aviation company.  These  five states of art  aircraft  being inducted  in the Indian Force to add to the Indian Air Force’s fire power was flown by a group of IAF personnel  from a distance of 7,000 km with a stoppage at Abu Dhabi. The deadliest fighter jets  escorted by Sukhoi MKI supersonic fighters as they entered Indian territory landed safely at Ambala Air Force base in Haryana. The jets had taken off from the Merignac airbase in southern France’s Bordeaux on Monday morning. The five aircraft bought  in an inter-governmental deal in 2016 is capable of  mid-air refuelling. Delivery of 10 aircraft has been completed on schedule but five are  staying back in France for training Mission. The delivery of all thirty-six aircraft will be completed by the end of 2021 as scheduled .The Rafale fighter jets had mid-air refuelling before reaching the Al-Dhafra air base in UAE. After the layover, the jets  embarked  on their final leg of journey to India. The Indian Air Force, appreciated the support provided by French Air Force for the Rafale journey back home. The fighter jets are capable of carrying a range of highly effective weapons, including the Keter air to air missile and scalp cruise missile. The Rafale jets have  come with various India specific modifications, including Israeli helmet mounted displays, radar warning receivers, low band jammers and 10-hour flight data recording. Raksha Mantri  Rajnath Singh says if   anyone who should be worried about or critical about this new capability of the Indian Air Force, it should be those who want to threaten our territorial integrity. He said, its arrival in India will make the Indian Air Force much stronger to deter any threat  to  our country.RM  Singh said, the Rafale jets were purchased when they fully met the operational requirements of the IAF. The baseless allegations against this procurement have already been answered and settled. The fleet, comprising three single-seater and two twin- seater aircraft, will be inducted into the Indian Air Force at the Ambala airbase . 

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