By Dr. Rudrarup Gupta

Ebangla Bureau

Lock down is an exclusive conceptual absolution for the entire world. Because we all have been suffering from an unusual circumstance and that is creating an enigmatic track for all of us. The term CORONA is not all an optimistic term at all because it has brought out a negative impact for the world to be entirely destroyed at the much-resent time. It is such virus which does not give ample space to us to analyze about it further rather it snatches our life unquestionably. But the perspective is how shall we survive from this cursed episode? We know as per our granted trend people are perceptually grown up together and they do fabricate their best cultural stand for the satisfactory national metamorphosis. The fact is that this CORONA issue has brought out some unavoidable uncertainties in our lives and we are absolutely pessimistic about the same. But as we are very rational human being so it should be managed through our intellect, intelligence and the best conceptual understanding in deed. Otherwise, it shall take more tricky shapes in the near future. As per my real envision it is nothing apart from a strengthen virus with its murderous potentiality and that is creating an additional panic upon all of us. That is why Judgmental Attitude: People are to understand this situation otherwise we shall not be able to fight against the same. It is our collective interest. Most of us have done plenty of group assignments in our lives and we have been successful since we know about our individual responsibilities. The same time has come for us to do a collective assignment it is more important not to score marks or not to achieve certificates. But is a real test to survive with each and other. We should promise and follow certain parameters like: Social Distancing:

We are not discriminating but keeping a safe distance to hold this bonding for long which shall be undoubtedly hazardless and charming respectively. Usage of mask protection: This is our collective oath that we shall not allow this enemy of this millennium “CORONA VIRUS”. It is indeed strenuous and purely harmful. We should understand the same from our matured brains and the mutual understanding. Social Awareness: Do you need any enemy to intervene in our collective bonding? If it is not then please do not allow CORONA to grasp your natural smile which may create an astounding synthesis of culture for better tomorrow. Concept of “Stay at Home”: It has an inhabitable urgency. Because every individual is really precious for this universe. So their existence and the endless value are concretely assigned for enhancing the heritage of nation. They should have the record-breaking home sickness and involved in their own creative journeys if any. So CORONA will not intervene and people shall be out of this active killer always.  Therefore, every individual industry should appoint researchers who shall understand the market and they should have the capacity to take massive risks to get the successful resilience. Each industry shall have to be survived through their own occupational brilliance but it needs substantial supports. So this exclusive period of transition is not at all harmful and cursed for the people. On the other hand, this is prime time for the business men, industrialists, researchers, strategy makers have to rethink through their occupational inventiveness. They shall have some upstanding solutions at least to regulate the same from online. They should involve government to take their further steps and their innovative intellects should always be in action to do some finest researches because that shall help them to proceed to destroy this invariable blot soon and to restyle the substitute choice to protect this industrious benchmark for stunning national embellishment. (Dr. Rudrarup, Ph.D in Management from USA, is  Academic Researcher in Management. Executive of Calcalling TV, commercial manager of Multifarious Projects Group, Kolkata, ,Overseas Author, Lap Lam Bert International Publishing House, Germany, Scholar’s Press, Mauritius, Patridge India, Overseas Reviewer, World Academy of Science and Technology, USA, Professional Trainer, IMRTC, Research Consultant, Path Science Journal, Ukraine, Editor of Council of Asian Science Editors, South Korea and Allied Business Academy in United States)

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